abdominal cramps and itchy skin
by maxiem, Apr 18, 2006
I  would like to complain about abdominal  cramps which last already for about 3 months. though there are times  that  I dont have  adbominal cramps,  but most of the time  almost  everyday. I notice also that  every time I have abdominal cramps  I  have  loose  bowel movement (LBM).  Before I  just  thought that I'm  hungry  but  even after few minutes after eating I  still feel the abdominal cramps or pain. I  also have  itchy  skin,  but  there sometimes i  feel from different part of my body  mostly  arms, legs, fingers, back and  back of  neck.    during  night and  early morning,  my lower neck(front) upto upper  chest  is  reddish.   I  can draw  a line and it will mark a red line. There are times there are  tiny pin head red spots, but when I show it to the doctor,  According to them it's only  hemmangioma.  But  now  adays,    It's  looks like  a  small pimple. Occasionally, I  have  some  strep throat. I went to a Allergylleogy/Immunology. They  just  give ms  TELFAST  for the  itchy skin  and  OMEPRON  for the abdominal  cramps  which I took for  two weeks.  I also took BETNETON( containssteriods)which I took  only for 1week.
Prior to taking these medicine,  a month of feeling pain in my lower left of my adomen my doctor advise  me to have an ultrasound.    This is the conclusion;   MILD HEPATOMEGALY  WITH FATTY CHANGES, gr. i-ii.   nORMAL  GALLBLADDER,  pancreas, spleen , aorta and bile ducts.  Normal  size  kidneys  with nephrolithiases.   normal  ureters, bladder and prostate gland size. doctor says no need to drink for glastones even for liver
please advise
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by myproblem, Apr 18, 2006
Here is what hamangiomas look like:

If they are flat, they are probably telangiectasia.

Have you had a blood test to check your liver enzymes? Hepatomegaly means that your liver is slightly enlarged. My liver enzymes are often high, but in my case, the ultrasound never sees any abnormality. Liver inflamation can cause generalized itching, and diaharrea. You need to cut the fat in your diet, and make sure not to drink alcohol. Your liver is already on the verge of trouble. Autoimmune hepatitis is what I have. In my case it's part of a systemic disease. I also have telangiectasia.

Nephrolithiases are kidney stones. Although you usually hear about back pain with kidney stones, they can often cause abdominal cramping. Together, all your symptoms could be a sign of systemic disease, although there is the possibility that they are not connected.
by maxiem, Apr 19, 2006
Thanks for your comments,  yes you're right they are flat  so it might be telangiectasia. Please note that it only small smaller than pinhead.  Maybe  I  have atleast  5 of  and some are small red spot which is easily disappear.

What's the relation of my strep throat.   What do you systemic disease?  

regarding the gallstone, my doctor told me that it just small no need to take medicine.   They did not give me also medicine for the liver they just told me to stop drinking.  Is there any relation to the sexually related disease or something. Please advise, I'm getting worried.
by gray1, Jan 14, 2008
I am very interested to hear what happens in this case.  I have had a sort of rash appear on my chest as well with some that look like small pimples.  This is not necessarily a new thing for me, though this sort of frequency is not normal.  I also have had pain in my lower back.  mostly on the left side, but occassionally on the right as well.  And this week I have developed an all-over itch which will often localize around my head, neck, chest, and even hands.  I have also experienced a change in menstrual odor--not regularity, just odor.  Needless to say, I've been quite worried as to waht kind of strange disease I may have.
by C4chery, Oct 13, 2008
My name is Milo Chery I'm not a Doctor I'm a PCA I have a patient of mine who has Hemangiomas of the liver for ten years this  poor woman has been fighting for her life . She is constantly in pain  and in out of the hospital every single day,is there any way she could have a liver transplant? the liver is so big it's size almost like football Doctor John H. Kim if you have any idea how we can give  this poor woman her life back please Email @***@**** and my phone is 978-927-3608 or you can leave me a message and I would appreciate it..

Thank you  
by crtzjul, Apr 21, 2009
i also have liver hemangioma and have pain in RUQ, i had my gallbladder removed and thought that the pain was going to go away but it did not, i am 33 years old , i am seeing a gastro doctor who is checking if the mass grows but my complain is that it hurts with stomach pain and loose greenish stool . liver test alt 150, any advice anyone.