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after eating bananas my throat really iches and burns............
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after eating bananas my throat really iches and burns............

Everytime I eat bananas  (regular) not mixed with anything my throat absolutly iches and burns for a good hour and then it goes away....does anyone know how that might be-----I grink banana/strawberry shakes but the bananas do not bother me like that..........or banana puddin.....etc..........
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Well, I might be able to help.


My throat has the same reaction to chocolate.  You're probably allergic.
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This question is old but the problem I guess isn't

I have found a solution or have found something that works.

You might also from time to time get heartburn but it's not heartburn there's no bile pushing up. I have searched but there's no finer distinction, everyone treats heartburn. Half assleep I thought to myself "Spit in a glass", I noticed my spit was flavourfull with salts or something.

My personal non proffessional prognosis is that your body is doing some sort of osmosis pushing whatever is out of balance into your spit. After a while the tension in your chest goes away and your body feels better. The tension is maybe energy drain felt from the condition where the chemicals has to move.

The next day you might find that a bananna or such does not burn at all. Banannas then taste heavenly.

I'd like to know what doctors has to say about this, we are fed more heartburn medication wich I have found to make it worse when it rebounds. To me this means that treatments like these only makes the concentration of these types of salts higher and taking proton pump inhibitors shuts the whole expression down, this whole reversal or expression action or what some would call an abreaction is shut down by proton pump inhibitors. This might lead to kidney damange. it might be that certain chemicals are removed by the body water rather than the blood serum.

It's typical that we are not allowed to spit because of mannerisms, thereby suppressing some instinctual behaviours.

I have found few but supporting evidence of this treatment. It might deserve another look. One article overlooks it, they use another treatment for detoxification but then use a spit test to test levels. Why not just spit and skip the treatment.

I have noticed that once you start spitting your body then goes hog wild and generates more spit. Having noticed this half assleep made me more aware of what was happening, after a while the reaction seems to decide that it's happy and stops, I then felt really good going to sleep.
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Hi, the possibilities of such irritation can be due to gastro esophageal reflex disease, throat infection or hyperplastic tonsil. Another possibility is your throat is allergic to the constituents of the banana esp. the raw one. Try having ripe ones.

Antacids and proton pump inhibitors will reduce the acidity, if suspected, for which consult a physician. The other possibilities are abnormal upper esophageal sphincter function, stress or psychological abnormality causes this sensation due to altered upper esophageal pressure. Take care and regards.
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You guys are going to love me for this.

I finally figured out why some people reports being allergic to sulfites and some have the banana throat burn effect.

It's simply a protein deficiency. It seems to be a plant bases protein that is needed.

Somehow some folks bodies don't make enough to keep a good reserve, or their diets or the nature of the food doesn't allow the body to replenish it fast enough.

I figure this out eating oats. Shortly after eating oat my gut and mouth would secrete welcome mucus like substances. For some reason meat sources of protein does not have the same effect. When I think protein, I think "mucus" because that is what proteins in many cases end up being. The body can make this stuff really fast. Minutes after eating the right source. If your situation is like min then after eating protein in the form of oats, your gut starts lubricating, your stomack starts to manage it's imbalance and infection risks etc.

I also remember from my sons doctor when he had temporary nephritic syndrome that it's a big issue when you have kidney failure and your body is not excreting protein causing it to build us, the doctor would advise you not to take salt in your foods as this hampers the kidneys from removing the protein.

If I have to look at that in another hypothetical way we might be able to deduct that protein is involved in controlling salt levels in normal kidney function, The snotty protein has the ability to trap/isolate concentrations and move them. Concentrations of dangerous salts, concentrations of enegy, T1-sells, infection insulations and even to remove a real poison like a dog having licked a frog. Wrap and remove. This protein plasma combine with potassium in the body and become part of several bodily regulation, calibration and control systems.

This is the same reason some people like myself from time to time would almost feel like dying when drinking a wine high in sulphite. almost choking and heeving, then not being able to sleep, like your food won't settle etc.

It's all protein being in the short. It might be also be that some people have kidneys that over expel protein a little too fast.

In my case I think oat or whey protein is just something My unique system needs more of and not meaty protein. There might also be other factors to the plant source that is perfect for the body to make the protein substance, Maybe some Glutamate and other ammino's essential for this function.

The first write-up about the spitting also make sense. The spitting effect is when your body is in that horrible state when you have created an imbalance of some of other salt, and the body can’t move it into the places where it would normally get rid of it fast.
The salt and the body’s responsiveness under this state when it realizes you are helping it by spitting(Like a dog’s reaction to licking a frog), makes it send more of that gunk up, it almost hurts because the way it move is in that state almost tissue damaging, the osmotic effect is a forced one.
A small cup of raw oats even and some water and a few minutes later your body is happy, it can move stuff the normal way and your tissue is no longer under strain. When I discovered this I also noticed how little similar sources of protein there is in the stuff our family eats every day.
I don’t need it everyday. I think that only a cup or two a week will take care of it. The thing is there’s not much stuff out there that has the same makeup as oat.

Enjoy the wine, bananas and stuff!!!
Pay attention to yourself

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To add to my last post.

The difficulty or the seemingly allergic reaction to sulphites or sometiemse salt even is due to your body being intelligent enough to sense really fast as to when it has too much, while you eat it even it will behave like a garage with two entrances. It will try to remove cars at the other end to make room for the new cars coming in. The problem is just that it can't do it fast enough or at all under some condittions.

So drinking lots of water is good advise but even better if you can take a small oat snack with that from time to time.
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