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metal alergy(allergy)
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metal alergy(allergy)

Heart attack in 2009. 100% occlusion of the left middle ventricle artery. 2 bare metal stents/made of cobalt/ were implanted. 3 months later I got in stent-restenosis and another- this time drug eluting stent was inserted those two. Cobalt was one of the elements too. Since then I have had constant severe chest pains- ended up 7 times in the emergency rooms went to 2 more angiograms and the doctors could not find anything. Finally a couple months ago did an allergy test and it showed VERY SEVERE ALERGY (allergy) TO COBALT AND GOLD. The doctors again- did not know what to do. The allergy doctor suggested starting Prednisone and seeing if this works. I am refusing to take this drug due to the severe side effects I have heard about. The stents cannot be removed unfortunately. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. If the doctor wants to treat inflammation- I would prefer to use some natural alternatives or a different allergy drug with no such side effects. The metal allergy exists- and it is VERY WELL DOCUMENTATED. Even Abbott- the manufacturer of the stents- sent me a literature advising NOT TO USE STENTS if a person is allergic to cobalt. Too late- they were implanted when I had the severe heart attack. Thank you in advance for your opinion and advice.
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Hey Tony.

It is a terrible situation to be in, but hang in there.
There's some things that you can do!

You can go to the "Allergy Antidotes" website, to find out about holistic Allergy Elimination.
I have used it on many people and it works well.
There's a state by state listing of registered practitioners, should you want to contact some who are closest to you and get more details.
Here's a brief outline of this  technique:

"Allergy Antidotes"TM 3 Step Process

1. Assess whether substance sensitivities are a possible cause of symptoms.
2. Identify specific reactive substances.
3. Use energy psychology techniques to reprogram the body to no longer react  negatively to the reactive substances

There are also "NAET" practitioners that I believe  have a similar approach.

I hope this information helps you.
Should you have any questions you can pm me.
Take care.

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