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need help plz? is it brain tumor or what
i am 28 yrs old married woman. in nov 2012 i started to feel headache in forehead. i ignored it because i live in amsterdam which is cool place, it has been 1 year i live in amsterdam. sometimes i feel light head i ignored. but i have headache since nov.in between i got bladder infection and some stomach prob my doc treated it. i usually took parecetomol for headache. but in start of march i feel change kind of headache like my scalp is numb. when i go for shopping my scalp got numbed i got watery eyes and runny nose. it heppens with me in home as well. i went to doc she said it is nothing ur using laptop too much may be it is because of laptop.my eye side is also -0.50. little week.at one night i came back home watching cinema i close my eyes for sleep i feel lights in my eyes weird feeling and between night i woke up and had headache in back ov head. i went to doc again but the same day i got fast heart beat, and feeling too cooled she tested my blood thyroid all became fine.she said you have no problem i told her i thought i am having brain tumor she said no it is not brain tumor. but after that is started feeling week i came back from cinema feel that my heart is pounding and having no energy and my legs are shevering i dont understand what is happening to me. my blood pressure was 132/84 and i am on propronlol 10 mg 1 tab daily. now my ears started ringing and i have pain in left arm like my arm is stretched. now most of time i feel pressure on left side above my ear and ringing ears and pounding heart and shevering legs please can someone tell me what is this. sometimes  i am nauseated in morning is it brain tumor or what plz plz plz help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeee my life is at risk
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I've never heard of a brain tumor having those symptoms. You can get an awful headache from eye strain but the worst headaches are from sinus infection.

I once woke up with my ears ringing very loudly and a pain in my left arm and I immediately rang a nurse who said those symptoms didn't indicate anything serious. It has happened a few times since then and it's still alarming but so far nothing has happened. I do have BP issues and arrhythmia for which I take medication, and I take CoQ10 every day (it's pretty expensive, but I notice a positive difference when I take it).

Your rapid pulse and/or palpitations can be helped so much by quitting all caffeine, cigarettes, cola and alcohol and any other stimulants, as well as trying to avoid stressful situations and possibly blockbuster action movies that have you on the edge of your seat. Another thing that's very helpful is to focus on breathing properly and filling your lungs.

I would return to the dr for an assessment of the effectiveness of the BP medication and dosage you're on. I had to have my dosage doubled.

Good luck.
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Hello sspj,

Based on your comments, you need to find a NEW DOCTOR immediately.
Find a new doctor that will listen to you. Listen to your symptoms.
All your symptoms like heart pounding, legs shaking, ears ringing, pain in
your left arm, nausea in the morning could be side effects of one of the
drugs you are currently taking. I have a guide book to drugs and supplements . I live in Canada. The book is called " The Canadian Guide
to Drug and Supplements. " published by the Canadian Pharmacists
Association and Reader's Digest. You mentioned you are taking
"propronlol" . In the drug book, I found a drug called " propranolol".
I'll tell you what the book says under General Information about this
Prapranolol, introduced in 1965, was the first widely used beta blocker.
It is most often used to treat hypertension, agina, and abnormal heart
rhythms but it is also helpful in controlling the fast heart rate and other
symptoms of an overactive thyroid gland. Propranolol also helps to reduce
the palpitations, sweating, and tremor of severe anxiety and is also used
to prevent migrane headaches.
Do not stop the drug without consulting your doctor. Abrupt cessation (
suddenly stopping the drug) may lead to worsening of the underlying

Lethargy/ fatigue                                   *
Cold hands and feet                              *
Naseau is rare
Nightmares/vivid dreams are rare
Dry eyes are rare
Fainting/breathlessness are rare
if this happens, call the doctor immediately. better yet, I would call an ambulance. ( my opinion)
visual disturbances are rare
I'm not a physician. I'm telling you what I found in the book I mentioned
above. You say you're taking 10 milligrams of propranolol - 1 tablet
Like I said before, if your current doctor is not listening to you which it
sounds like she isn't. Personally I don't think these symptoms you are
having are because you are using the lap top too much. Based on the
possible adverse effects in this book, you are experiencing one of the possible adverse effects  1. lethargy   You say you are nauseated in
the morning.Th is is a possible RARE effect of PROPRANOLOL.
If this were happening to me, I'd find a new doctor immediately. Your
husband can help you look for one in Amsterdam. If your symptoms
really get worse, personally, I would go to the emergency section of
your nearest hospital and have your husband drive your there.
You mention that you take " parecetomol" for your headaches. I can't
find this drug in my reference book here. Bottom line- I would find
a new doctor as soon as you can who will listen to your symptoms
and actually do something about it. I hope this has been helpful information.

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