sorethroat, sinus infection, Herpes Simplex
by mary668, Nov 10, 2007
I've had a very long drawn out history with shingles and the cold sore virus (herpes simplex).  I had recurrent shingles in my ear then last January when I had it swabbed it was the cold sore virus.  I've had simplex eve since--on my ear, my tongue, my gums, under my tongue, and on my pharynx.  I have also had a sinus infection, green/yellow mucous, and sore throat since last December.  Some days the mucous is more white or clear and the sore throat may diminish for a day or two, but never leaves completely.  Did not respond to antibiotics.  I also have fatigue, low grade pain in my joints and muscles, fatigue (need 10-12 hours of sleep to function the next day), knee pain, abnormally high sensitivity to noise.  Any thoughts?  Cancer, nasal herpes, inflammatory disease, chronic sinus infection, thyroid condition... Know of an insurance company that will take on someone like me?
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by Deeds, Nov 10, 2007
Candida Albicans...every symptom you have could be caused by an overgrowth of candida (a naturally occuring yeast) in your body... look into it - it is really only proved thru a stool sample but,
nystatin powder (the cure) is a highly non allergic substance...the hard part is staying away from sugar, yeast and certain foods...
by mary668, Nov 14, 2007
I would be thrilled with that as a diagnosis :-)))  Thank you!   I really appreciate your posting.
by mary668, Nov 15, 2007
Oh my goodness, I can't hank you enough!  I just found this site  

and I have ALL of the most common symptoms--even acid reflux and crawling skin which I just thought were part of aging.  I think we're on to something!  I've never seen all of my symptoms in one place--this really gives me hope :-))
by Deeds, Nov 16, 2007
I TOLD YA SO!!!!!!!!!!!!  What do you think I've been going thru for the past YEAR!
Somewhere on this site I posted where to send your "stool" sample kit... it's smoky
mountain labs or something - the box I have for my next test says Genova Diagnostics but, I think they changed their name? - You can get a kit from them or an allergist - you prepay
$46 or they bill insurance $60.  Anyhu, you do the test - on your own at home, on your own time and
call a courier (they supply everything even shipping) and the courier needs to pick up the sample
by wednesday ((so it doesn't sit in their labover the weekend))  also, the blood test shows
results too but, the two together are what proves it for ya!
by Deeds, Nov 16, 2007
I really would love to hear what happens!!  When I saw you wrote about having white mucous and not responding to anitbiotics - I thought - candida!   I do hope I am right because the treatment isn't too hard ((stop eating sugars and any mold realted foods ie:mushrooms)) and I take nystatin powder because it is less likely to cause an allergic reaction (which I am now more prone to!) BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!
by mary668, Nov 17, 2007
I'm all over it--finding out it's not easy to get rid of!  Nasty little buggers...
by mary668, Jan 14, 2008
Thanks for the info.  The infection in my mouth tested positive for thrush, so it looks like I have candida.  I started on a very high grade of probiotics & nystantin.  It turns out the probiotics that you can buy over the counter have live organisms that can actually support more yeast growth, so I quit taking what I bought online and started on the ones that the nutritionalist recommended. She also ordered an endoscopy and a neurochemistry test this week.  The neurochem test is $1,800, but it looks at everything from heavy metal levels to the the neuro endocrine system, nutrition, etc.  In case it helps someone else, they did blood work & other tests to rule out vitamin B deficiency, Mono, heavy metal poisoning, adrenal & thyroid complications, aids, throat/lung cancer, allergies, & diseases such as lupus.  The sore throat, sinus infection, burning feet, fatigue, muscle aches, & rashes can be symptoms of any of these diseases/conditions.