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stuffy nose in morning
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stuffy nose in morning

Almost every morning I wake up with a very stuffy nose. It began since i've started working in Air Conditioned environment. When the situation get worse, I used to get an Antibiotic under doctor supervision, but that doesn't help me to stay much longer. Also my father side relatives have sinusitis.

Later I got treats from an Aurvedic doctor as well. It helped me to stay away from the problem couple of months.
Then the problem still occurs. In the last time when I got treats from him, I realized that situation becoming worse.
That too didn't helped me much.

At the moment, i'm using Anti Histammine (Cetirizine hydrochloride) 5mg (Half a tablet) once in 2 days at night.
It cures my stuffy nose in the morning for 2 days. Since this problem, I cannot even think about of any cool drinks, ice cream, bathing in the evenings. I'm totally out of them.

I also notice that if I lay on the side where the nostril is not stuffy, the stuffyness clear up. If the other side happened, i'm totally busted even if I had Cetirizine in the previous night.

I need to know whether a permanent way to cure available for this.
Is the Citrizine dosage not good for my body? Will there be any long term side effects?

Please help me! I'm sufferin my life because of this.
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I feel that you are having the problem of congestion of sinuses. Chronic sinusitis begins with an inflammation of the mucous membranes in your sinuses — the air-filled passages around your nose and throat. The inflammation causes fluid buildup eventually plugging the sinus cavity and preventing normal mucus drainage.

Chronic sinusitis can be caused by infections of the upper respiratory tract,allergies and deviated nasal septum .Other suspected causes include mold or fungi in the sinuses.As you are dealing with ac’s,so mold allergy can be causing sinusitis and nasal congestion in your case.

Treatment involves avoidance of the allergen(molds in your case).You can wear pollen masks while working with AC’s. Avoid indigestible, spicy, foods and meats. Eat simply of wholesome food. Obtain needed out-of-door exercise, sunbaths, and swimming. It can also be treated using an antihistamine nasal spray. Antihistamine works by blocking your immune system's response to the allergen.Corticosteroid sprays are also helpful but their ling term use can cause  side effects.Better to use saline nasal sprays. The golden rule for chronic stuffy nose is steam inhalation. Inhaling steam from a bowl of hot (but not boiling water) may help to soften, and loosen, the build up of mucus in your nose. You may also find that adding some menthol crystals, or eucalyptus oil, to the water, helps to ease your symptoms of catarrh.

Regarding the long term side effects of cetrizine,the list is endless.You can log on to the following website to know more about it:

I feel that instead of dependence on cetrizine,avoidance of allergen and steam inhalation will be more effective.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.

Hi kindd,
Thanks for the quick reply. U've mentioned lots of things. And the surroundings of the illness which i didn't know. I'm gonna start them today onwards. I also think the steam inhalation is a better solution. I'll start it and try to reduce cetrizine usage and let u guys knw how it goes.

I've already controlling my meals by not taking cool drinks etc. apart from that, if u do hsve any other information, do let me knw,

Thank you very much again!

Thanks for writing.

Please refer: for various causes of nasal congestion. Apart from allergy and sinusitis, deviated nasal septum (the dividing wall between your two nasal openings is not properly placed) are the major causes of stuffy nose. For persistent congestion, it's usually best to see your ENT doctor.

Prolonged use of air conditioners does affect health. As you mentioned this could be the reason behind your stuffy nose. “Air conditioning aggravates the effects of arthritis and neuritis. It also causes trouble for those with sinus trouble, causing their heads to become blocked. In addition to these obvious reactions to an air conditioned environment there are many far more subtle reactions that can adversely affect a person’s health.-----Micro-organisms have been found within the units that may cause breathing problems.----- the best option is to use it, but do so sparingly, not going below 78 degrees, and not becoming reliant on it. Then, you’ll get the benefits while, hopefully, avoiding the detriments of air conditioning.” Refer:

Meanwhile try deep breathing exercise and steam inhalation and consult an ENT at the earliest. Please mention this to your physician too that these symptoms have started since you started working in an air conditioned environment.

Let me know what your doctor says. If you need more help, please feel free to contact. I’ll be happy to answer your queries.

Hi doctornee,

Thanks for your information on Air conditioning. I'm not in my country at the moment and I will go to see my usual ENT doctor as soon as i go back.

I forgot to mention that sometimes my nose becomes runny. It began to sneeze like it has something to pop out. Sneeze count is always more than 30, 40 and it does not cure unless i got a cetrizine tablet and go for a sleep. This doesn't hav a specific time to occur.

In my office, AC kept around 23-24C (around 75 - 77F). I'm seated in a far corner where I got a least effect and i'm drinkin hot water always to reduce effect.

Anyway i need to know about the deep breathing excersizes more. I did google and got lot of links.

If you know a decent one please post it.


Thanks for keeping me posted. There are several links that you could look into for deep breathing exercises. There is a word document at -
Another good link would be

Good video links would be


If you need more help, please feel free to contact. I’ll be happy to answer your queries. Please continue to keep me posted.
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