use of azeflo spry
by anjel152000, Apr 16, 2011
doctor prescribed me to use azeflo  nasal spray  why he recommend me this
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by Dr RajputBlank, Apr 19, 2011
Hi, nasal spray is prescribed for acute rhinosinusitis (ARS) which is a symptomatic inflammation of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses. It is commonly due to viral infection associated with the common cold. Otherwise it can be complicated by bacterial infection. Allergy is another important cause.

Firstly you need to undergo thorough physical examination; the blind swab or Endoscopic or sinus aspirate can be cultured to rule out secondary bacterial infection. Plain sinus films and sinus CT may show sinus fluid levels if present.

Usual treatment lining consists of following steps and mentioned drugs should only be taken after consultation from physician.
- Analgesics such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories and acetaminophen are recommended for inflammation relief.
- Mechanical irrigation with buffered, hypertonic saline nasal spay.
- Topical glucocorticoids (corticosteroids) or nasal spray.
- Topical decongestants, such as oxymetazoline for short term only.
- Antihistamines will cause a drying effect and helps to relieve symptoms.
- Antibiotics if bacterial infection suspected.

I suggest you to consult ENT specialist for further evaluation. Take care and regards.