what is chapaki diesease
by lalit796, Jul 02, 2010
i have red patches on my bodylike chapaki pls help
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by sandyzdelhi, Sep 23, 2010
Urticaria (chapaki), also known as sheet pitt in Ayurveda, is an allergic skin disorder that is characterised by the appearance of raised rashes, redness and itching. It can happen anywhere on the skin including the scalp, lips, palms, soles and even genitals. Ayurveda believes that urticaria occurs in response to certain substances which are produced in the body as a result of metabolic disturbances. It may occur due to indigestion, overeating or because of eating food unsuitable for the body.
It also most often occurs due to the reaction of certain drugs which are unsuitable for the body system of a particular person. Exposure to extreme cold or heat, water, sunlight or insect bites may be the external factors responsible for the disease. Different patients show different symptoms. Before the actual eruptions on the skin, there may be a stage of poorva roopa symptoms like headache, malaise, nausea and fever.

In some cases, urticarial rashes appear soon after eating a food item to which the person may be allergic. First, there appear small, itchy and raised swellings on the body. They swell further and spread to produce pink or red lesions called `weals'. They may change shapes, dissolve and reappear. Other symptoms such as a running nose, wheezing, paleness, cold sweat and falling blood pressure may accompany these rashes. Swelling of throat muscles along with a feeling of constriction or inability to breathe may cause medical emergency.

Mild to moderate cases can be tackled with consistent treatment while severe cases may need hospitalisation. Here are a few tips on how to manage and treat the disease: n If a person develops urticarial rashes, the body should be covered with a blanket. According to Ayurveda, in case of a minor attack, producing sweat helps a lot to control itching.

Don't wear synthetic or tight clothes. n Don't worry too much. Remember, anxiety is bad.

If rashes have appeared after eating a particular food item, take one teaspoonful of fresh mint juice to purify the digestive track and check allergy.

Twice-a-day dose of two gms of Trikatu (sonth, kali mirch and pippali) with sugar can be very beneficial. Sootshekhar Rasa and Sheetpitta Bhanji Rasa along with Haridra Khand can be given to patients of stubborn urticaria.
by rabiaumar, Mar 11, 2011
My 27 months daughter got this allergy chapaki i guess so because she has all syptoms discussed above she can't sleep in night its been 3 days and 2 nights, Today date is 11 March 2011,I went to emergency but they can't satisfiedme and gave me benadryl allergic syrup,, I am in Canada. on Monday march 7 2011 she had her 15 months Vaccines shots and I introduced hernew fruit yogurt containing DHA in it for toddlers. These are the 2 things that we done in previous days I really dont know  what to do and I believe that doctors wouldn't understand this chapaki allergy`too. Its allover herbody on scalp, hands foots everywhere,, please tell me something that I can do at home and thethings you mentioned above I dontknow I can find em all in Canada or not or tell me something easy

waiting for your reply
by harishh, Apr 10, 2011
I am very happy to see the awareness of chhapki disease. Where did u to get that information.
by khushbuvermaa, Dec 18, 2011
good morning.....I am khushi
my mother is suffering from CHAPAKI too..... i guess......she is a 43yr old beautician....she is facing such type of problem for the first time in her life.
In her case,the problem started on 27th nov with few rashes on hands.....dat tym she applied mustard oil on her hand and d rashes disappered after an hour.

After couple of days.....the same thing happened but this time..rashes filled the arms and legs and the itching was on heights.........we took medicines recommended by doctor....but v noticed that the rashes starts around 7:45a.m and disappears arround 1p.m .....this thing continued for a week and after a week the situation was under control for 10 days
...and after dat again it started happening
and dis time with larger body rashes covering her bach,hips.palms and foot sole....
HER MORNING ROUTINE IS-----wakes up at 7a.m......after getng fresh she takes normal tea with few marie-gold biscuits and semolina rusk....after that 7;30 arround she goes to the kitchen.....and den d rashes scene starts..........
and also she is on a stage of menopause..
my mom is very much worried...and in ..pain.....
.what could be the reason....????
something internal  or is it external.........????
how it can be cured??
waiting for ur reply
by asadd05, Feb 19, 2012
low doses of Prednisone steroid might help reduce the symptoms along with anti histmine tablets like benadryl, or clariton and time release ferrous gloconate  (iron) for adressing  the real cause of chapaki to some extend if symptoms not attributed to allergic reaction to food or envoirnment.
by Gaurav_delhi, Aug 09, 2012
I was suffering from that disease frm last two year bt in last few dayz it covered my whole body bt fortunetly i got  itz remmedies by just one person who puts up in pnjb he gvs me only his sweat blankt i wear it whole nt and in another day itz no more in my lf.....
by Gaurav_delhi, Aug 09, 2012
Call me @ 8882755595 for cure of chapaki...fees is nly ur blessings....
by akash007genx, Oct 29, 2012
sir m 22 yr old guy suffering from urticaria for last 2 yrs....
m on regular use of attarax 10mg to control this...
i hav e tried all the possible ways n doctors bt no one has helped...
olz help me in this matter....
by Shubham_17may, Mar 27, 2014
I am 28yrs, and very normal with life. Suddenly Chapaki diseases attack when i wok up in morning. Itching at back neck and hair. Initially i ignored but later after lunch, it started more. I had anti allergic and got normal.
But again in night it came and was very horrible with big patches and itchiness in whole body including thigh and stomach and back also.
I am eating anti allergic from last two days, I think it is giving results also . I don't know.
It is normal. What I think is the weather change. As its 27th March and its raining in noida.

Pls suggest.