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Alternative Sinus Infection Treatments
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Alternative Sinus Infection Treatments

I did post a question about alternative treatments for sinus infections in the sinus forum and I heard about the neti pot.  I was just wondering if anyone has tried anything else to help clear up a sinus infection?  I have had one for over a month now and 2 courses of antibiotics didn't help.

I know that my allergies play a huge part in me getting these infections but this one doesn't seem to want to leave.  I am on an aspirin regimen so there are some things I am not suppose to take like ginger or garlic but I wasn't sure if there were other things I could try.  I heard about oil pulling does that work?  I am currently using peppermint as a decongestant and I do use lavendar oil as well.

I would appreciate any insight...I am desperate....

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Avatar dr f tn
Ask your acupuncturist if they can give prescribe herbs and try local face points.   You can add to your oil regimen tea tree and rosemary essential oil.    If all else fails go see an ENT doctor.  
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There is no reason not to take garlic with aspirin. Ginger is another situation.
Avatar m tn
There are natural antibiotics.  Usually sinus infections just go away on their own, and allergies don't cause infections, they just stuff up your nose.  Recurring infections are an immune system problem, possibly caused by the overuse of pharmaceutical antibiotics.  The first thing to try would be to replenish some of what the antibiotics have killed off, which are your probiotics.  A good multiple bacteria supplement found in the refrigerated section of your local health food store (not a GNC) would be the place to start.  You might also consider eliminating dairy and wheat for awhile and see if it helps.  The neti pot is a good idea -- it's basically doing a salt water wash.  Some natural antibiotics are colloidal silver, goldenseal, grapefruit seed extract, and several others, but these are certainly not as strong as pharmaceuticals.  The hope is that a different antibiotic might work, as your infection may have developed resistance to what you've been using.  Working on your immune system can also help, for example an echinacea and astragalus based formula.  You might want to consult a naturopath on this to work with you and your doctor.  Good luck.
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I got cured of my sinus condition quite by accident. I have COPD and the most annoying aspect of this condition for me was chronic bronchitis. Although I have suffered with this for 20 years no  one ever thought to give me Mycomyst until last spring. Mucomyst is a brand name for acetylcysteine. It is used in a nebulizer. No only did my bronchitis magically disappear but a worsening sinus condition did as well. My lungs and my sinuses are free of mucus. No more headaches, post nasal drip or hacking cough.

Even though it is a supplement, for the liquid nebulizer form you will need a prescription. I suffer no side effects whatsoever. When using the nebulizer (if you decide to try this treatment) use the mask and not the gizmo for the mouth. You want to inhale it through your nose, not your mouth. I think it is miraculous and can't understand why it is not in general use. I guess the drug companies can't patent it and make a bundle on it.
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