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Chest congestion/runny rose/cough in 2yr old
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Chest congestion/runny rose/cough in 2yr old

Hello, I need your help in alternative natural remedies for my 2yr old daughter.  She has had a few ear infections within the last 8mos, given antibiotics each time--seems to knock it out temporarily, then gets another one.  Now she has a consistant runny nose with a chest cough and conjestion.  Her runny nose is clear/ very light green, so that's telling me she may have another ear infection, soemthings not draining properly.  No fever.  I have tried the obvious, humidifier, I have put a few drops of lemon and apple cider vinegar in her water, and I have not seen any improvement.  I'm pretty close to taking her back to her ENT (again) if she doesn't clear up soon.  I've already waited a week, and feel terrible letting her be in discomfort.  Any suggestions, remedies or homeopathic alternatives that may help my little angel??  Thank you!
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awwww dont you hate to see them like this ,been a lot of it around this year seems like more than usual,have you got her on a supplement to build up immunity some tasty ones out there now for this age ..we always used Vick for chest congestion ..others here may have some more suggestions ..lemon is good and honey in a drink ..soothing ,has the doc looked at her tonsils ?
Hey Pamela.

Sorry to hear about your little girl this time.
Did you get to use the MgCl oil on your son last time or the
olive oil or the hydrogen peroxide for his ear infection?
The powdered MgCl lab grade would work a bit faster than the oil.
In case you don't have the info here it is again (from Herve) :

From a natural medicine practitioner (he's French- pls bear with any errors) and has many years of experience in this:
" About using magnesium chloride ,I would like to specify the protocol:
It very easy to use it it's a powder (use only the powder) ,you put 20 gramme in a liter of water .no need to put in the freedge.
the protocol is the following:
1glass (125cc.) every 3 hours    : 2 times
after that:
1 glass every 6 hours :  during 48 hours
after that:
1glass before going to sleep during on week.
the alone side effect that can happen sometimes, is a little diarrhea ,which is not armfull.

I would cut it down proportionately, according to her weight.
This is what I used a couple weeks ago for my congestion (very rare for me) and it cleared up in a couple days. Same with a colleague.
Available from your Pharmacist. Make sure you ask for lab grade for internal use.
As margypops mentioned, there's been a lot of this going around, even up here in Canada
it's the same.
Hope she feels better soon.
Blessings to all of you.

Thank you both very much.

Nikodicreta:  Where can I purchase Magnesium chloride--and is there a taste when mixed in water?  Does it have to be mixed in water--can I use juice?

How much hydro perox do I put inside the ear?

Thank you!  It never ends!! : )
Hey Pamela.

One would hope that each time they get over their colds and infections.
their immune systems get a little stronger. Who knows?
For ear fluid draining:
The remedy that I have used for draining my ears was an injection of 3% hydrogen peroxide with distilled warm water 50/50 dilution .
For your little one I would use 5ml of each and take it from there.
Use an inexpensive plastic syringe you buy from the drug store for a couple dollars.
A Pharmacist friend of mine recommended this to me, a while back. It works very fast!

Mixing MgCl with juice would be good, as there's a bit of a taste with the lab grade
Magnesium Chloride powder for internal use .Check with your Pharmacist for that.
Do not use the flakes as they're not really for ingesting.
-I have taken them but it tastes pretty strong-  

Hope it helps,
Blessings to all of you,

P.S. If she's been on antibiotics recently, please look into Probiotics for children, to re-balance her healthy intestinal flora. I suggest you look into the best quality you can afford,
as most of the Dept and Drug store brands on the shelves are a waste of money, to my   opinion.
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