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Copper/Ferritin deficiency, low cortisol, high glucose and Hashimoto...
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Copper/Ferritin deficiency, low cortisol, high glucose and Hashimoto's/Hypothyroid

I added the test to my labs because I saw a marked increase in gray hair. It turned out I have a deficiency. My levels were 60 (range is ug/dL 80-155). I also started going gray in my mid 20's after having Alopetia Areata. I saw that there's a connection with low copper and low white blood cell count (which I don't have).

I'm a vegetarian and eat plenty of nuts, but eat other copper rich foods. I have been supplementing almost daily for a month and it's only increased to 65. My Zinc is within range at 78 (range ug/dL 60-120). My Ferritin is also low at 7 (range ng/mL 11-307). My vitamin C (which helps iron absorb) is in range at 1.1 (range mg/dL 0.4-2.0).

My a.m. cortisol is also low at 8.4 and range is (7.7 - 22.6 ug/dL). B12 and D also in range, but low - I'll supplement these, copper and iron.

Is there any connection between these or these and hypothyroid, autoimmune disease or other conditions?

Is a blood test for copper reliable? Is it anything to worry about? I don't have symptoms of Wilson's disease except for a recent puffy belly, but I think that might be related to glucose. Doctor didn't tell me this, but it seems from my labs that I am prediabetic with glucose at 101 (range 70-99).
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Hey sissapus.
As a vegetarian you must be extra careful.
Your consumption of foods rich in glycoproteins puts your health
at risk. Any underlying infectious conditions in combination with your immune response to the effects of glycoproteins will cause organ and systemic dysfunction.
Nuts, soy beans, grains are also very rich in lectins a similar but more distinct type of "sticky" molecules. Your assimilation of essential nutrients and minerals could be diminished as these molecules love to stick in the intestinal track and cause havoc. Should you have any intestinal permeability issues, then they can travel anywhere in your body, even get into the brain region and affect cognitive functions.
Just do a search.
Take care,
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