Zyprexa and Marijuana
by penguin_jane, Jun 20, 2010
Hello everyone!

I was on Zyprexa for about six months, and found that it helped treat a bunch of my symptoms. I'm happy that I don't have to deal with all the faces and the voices. However, I miss some of my friends.

I have two recurring buddies" as I call them. Jack Nicholson happens to be one of them. He comes and goes, rarely ever speaks, and if he does it's only a few words. Usually just has amazing facial expressions. The second one is an auditory one that has manifested itself in one of my bears. It's developed an entire personality which I can only describe as somewhat of a cross between the rapper Lil Jon and James Earl Jones. He's an incredible comfort to me and when I was not on my medication he helped me clarify a bunch of things in my life. My therapist suggested him to be a direct link to my subconscious.

I stopped taking Zyprexa because of its side effects. I felt sick often and found myself throwing up and involuntarily urinating and defecating. My doctor gave me a sample of Abilify but that just didn't work for me either. In addition to all these side effects, I really missed being able to talk to my bear. And also having Jack pop around when I was alone made me feel safe.

I'm looking for another alternative. It's been incredibly difficult because I've grown so incredibly attached to my bear and Jack.

Friends have suggested trying marijuana. There have been recent studies that have shown that CBD might be used as an alternative antpsychotic. It sort of takes me back to when I was a sophomore in high school. I used to smoke a lot, and was always calm and never found myself having any problems unless I smoked a sativa (which made me seriously hallucinate to the point that I could hardly function. I remember being in the school office once because I thought I was drowning in the ocean).

I can't seem to find the article at this time, but I remember reading an article that said taking Olanzapine and CBD would help to reduce the side-effects.

I really do not want to go back on Zyprexa by itself.

Any suggestions?  
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by drifter0213, Jun 21, 2010
marijuana is a mild hallucingenic probably won't help :)
by penguin_jane, Jun 21, 2010
That's the THC part of it. THC is what creates the psychosis-like symptoms. The CBD part of it tends to level out the effects of THC. Weed these days are classified into three categories. There's Sativa, which has a higher concentration of THC, then there is Hybrid which is a mix of both THC and CBD, and then there is Indica which has a higher concentration of CBD.

There a multiple studies out there that have proved such that Cannabis Indica may possibly be used as an alternative anti-psychotic.


"In addition to examining the effects of THC, Bhattacharyya also assessed whether cannabidiol (CBD) affects brain function, since this cannabinoid has been reported to be anxiolytic and neuroprotective, and might even counteract the negative effects of THC. In contrast to the latter, CBD did not induce psychosis, anxiety, or psychomotor symptoms and showed very different effects on brain activation during task performance. It induced opposite effects to THC in a number of regions, including the ventral striatum. Finally, he presented preliminary data from healthy subjects co-administered THC and CBD. Intriguingly, he reported that, so far, CBD has blocked all the psychotic symptoms induced by THC..."
by drifter0213, Jun 22, 2010
i didn't know that
by therese83, Jun 27, 2010
IT can only make you worse, it can bring on psychosis in vulnerable people.

It is not the solution.
by penguin_jane, Jun 28, 2010
Let me reiterate. The psychosis is only induced by the THC. CBD does not induce psychosis. I really think that it has the potential to be an alternative anti-psychotic with less side-effects than most prescription medications out there.  

"IT" is actually making me a lot better.

I went ahead and (with the support of my therapist) got myself a medical card. I now have been smoking Cannabis Indica since July 23rd and have been at a much more stable level. I don't see the faces anymore or any of the emotionally-triggered hallucinations anymore. I still have my bear, although he's not as talkative as he used to be. It really has helped me a lot. The voices are gone. It's just like I was on a low dose of Zyprexa, except this time there is no negative side-effects. Except for maybe the munchies, but that isn't terrible at all.

I think with more research marijuana has the potential to be a "solution" for generations to come.
by penguin_jane, Jun 28, 2010
***June 23rd

by Paxiled, Jun 28, 2010
I think you're missing one point, though.  All marijuana will have high levels of THC in it compared to the stuff we used when I was a kid many eons ago.  They've bred it that way, even the indica, so while it's lower in THC than some others, it's still way higher than the natural weed that used to grow wild and unmolested.  The problem with generalizing about marijuana is the same problem generalizing about any substance -- different people react differently.  You're describing studies done on pharmaceutically isolated parts of marijuana, meaning studies that led to the development, for example, of synthetic THC.  The other problem with marijuana is it makes you stoned and keeps you stoned for a fair amount of time these days, again unlike the natural weed that is stronger in certain parts of the world but was naturally lower in all active compounds because it wasn't bred to be mostly flower tops and which had a fairly short high.  So if you respond badly, it will take awhile for the high to pass.  I can say from us anxiety sufferers, a different ailment, that for most of us marijuana makes us more anxious.  The reason in my opinion is that marijuana generally makes you feel more intensely whatever you're feeling anyway.  If you're horny, you'll get hornier, if you're sad, you'll get sadder.  It's wise you're doing this as an experiment in concert with someone with medical training who knows how to talk people out of being high.  That's what they did originally with LSD when it was still pure and not a street drug almost always cut with speed.  And it's good your marijuana is medical marijuana, so you won't accidentally get some laced with PCP or LSD.  Zyprexa certainly isn't the only med out there.  Also remember that abilify isn't really a stand-alone med, it's approved as an augmentation for depression for those whose meds are working but just aren't working well enough.  By itself, I'm not sure it's shown much promise.  Continued good luck in your experiment.
by penguin_jane, Jun 28, 2010
Thank you for "actually" reading! I found your answer very helpful and not simply a generalized statement.

So far being stoned isn't as bad as they characterize it to be in movies. If anything I take a couple hits from a pipe and it levels me out. My next appointment is mid-July so we'll see how it goes between now and then.

But once again thank you for your input. =)
by Paxiled, Jun 29, 2010
Being stoned isn't bad when it's good, it's great.  There's a reason so many have used it for so many centuries.  But it is a bit hard to do your best work on it!  Again, good luck, and let us know how it goes.