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prolapse and leg numbness
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prolapse and leg numbness

i have left leg and lower extremities numbness and i have a pelvic organ prolapse and want to know if this is related, i have been diagnoised with spinal stenosis also and want to know what i can do about this problem.
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As for the spinal stenosis that's what is causing your leg and lower extremities numbness. Does your doctor recommend surgery for the stenosis?
I know in time it's possible you can become paralyzed

Fluoride can Cause Crippling Skeletal fluorosis is often discussed in medical journals
overseas. Not that it doesn’t occur in the U.S. Few American doctors
have even the slightest understanding of the condition. the bones accumulate fluoride
in very high concentrations and continue to do so the longer you drink fluoridated water. Dr. Hardy Limeback, a professor of dentistry at the University of Toronto who also conducted studies on fluoride levels in the bones of people living in fluoridated
communities versus non-fluoridated communities, found that the former had fluoride bone levels two times higher than the latter. In 1993 the National Academy of Sciences admitted that when bone fluoride levels reached 7,500 to 8,000 ppm, stage 2 and 3 skeletal fluorosis was likely to occur. what is skeletal fluorosis? When fluoride accumulates in bones it stimulates the bone-generating cells, known as osteoblasts, to over-produce bone calcium in what are commonly known as bony
overgrowths or bone spurs. These can appear over the joints, within ligaments and especially within the spinal bones. With extensive overgrowth (stage 2 and 3) a person becomes crippled.
Of particular concern is the bone overgrowth on the spinal bones, because they can compress spinal nerves and even the spinal cord. This condition is spinal stenosis.
stenosis is a very common disease that can affect the young as well as the elderly. It is much more common after age 50. Compression of the spinal cord in the neck can result in quadriplegia permanent paralysis from the neck down  Products Should You Avoid
stop using fluoride  avoid Teas high in fluoride Fluoridated water Toothpaste with flouride
Vaccinations, since they contain fluoride and aluminum Pesticides or herbicides near or in your home Medications containing fluoride
Also, do not use lemon in your tea, it will increase aluminum absorption.
Do not cook in aluminum or Teflon-coated cookware, and avoid using Teflon products.
Certain supplements protect against the harmful effects of fluoride and aluminum.  
(adult levels):  Magnesium malate. Take 1,000 mg. with each meal to prevent aluminum absorption. Calcium citrate. Take only between meals to prevent increasing aluminum absorption. Calcium citrate protects against aluminum toxicity and helps
remove aluminum from body tissues. Calcium also protects against fluoride toxicity by binding to the  fluoride. Another form of calcium you can use is calcium pyruvate. The calcium neutralizes the fluoride and the pyruvate binds the aluminum, preventing
absorption. Vitamin E succinate or natural from vitamin E
(mixed tocopherols), 400 IU. Take one or two a day. Discard the gelatin capsules as they contain fluoride and glutamate as well as cow protein.  Vitamin C as magnesium or calcium ascorbate. Take 1,000 mg twice a day. Reduces fluoride toxicity. Vitamin D. Take 2,000 IU a day. Protects against fluoride toxicity, especially in pregnant
women. To be safe, if pregnant take 1,000 IU a day.  Selenium. Take 200 ug a day. Selenium has been shown to protect against fluoride toxicity. Higher doses add to fluoride toxicity. Multivitamin/mineral. This should be as a
powder in a capsule. It should not contain iron. Curcumin. 500mg dissolved in 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Take twice a day with meals. It is a powerful antioxidant and shown to protect the brain against many neurotoxins.
Additionally, to get the most protection against free radicals you should eat at least three to five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. They should be fresh and eaten mostly raw. It is also wise take 200 mg of DHA twice a day. Simply remove the gelatin capsule as you do with vitamin E. You also can get high levels of Omega-3
fatty acids by eating  eggs daily.
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