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what do you think about Sensa ?
I think this may come under 'alternative'  I have seen and heard much about losing weight taking sensa indeed a 'large' neighbor has lost a lot of weight using it...what do you you good folks know if anything , could it be a breakthrough ? I have a muffin round my waist I would like to lose,  ...and yes I have tried exercise ....
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Hey margypops,
Weight loss must be one of the most difficult and complex challenges.
If it were so simple and it worked for most people, then Hirsh, the inventor, wouldn't have to advertise his own study results using 2500 overweight UNMONITORED subjects taking sensa on their own, at home.
20/20 interviewed 4 of these people and they all reported they had gained all the weight back.
Dr Hirsh claimed that this study was peer reviewed by the Endocrine Society,however, the Society claims that this is NOT true!!!
Apparently, he used their invitation to show his product for debate, as an endorsement.
Reliability seems to be an issue with Sensa.
There's no denying that some individuals will lose weight with Sensa, the question is though, are the results permanent and does it work for MOST people.
I'm presently working on "100 Steps to a Thinner and more Desirable Body".
It is a  multi-faceted program that incorporates Nutrition,
Allergy/Intolerance/Sensitivity Elimination,
Pranayama Breathing, Meditation, Energy Psychotherapy, Reiki,   Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression,
Advanced Level Tapping and of course Exercise and Physical Activity.

As far as breakthroughs, from personal experience I can safely suggest
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil-to replace other fats- as it does not store as fat,
it is rather used for energy as a superior replacement of carbs without any load on the pancreas. It also increases metabolism. For more info go to the coconut research website. Great book to read: "The Coconut Oil Miracle"
by Dr. Bruce Fife.
My other suggestion would be "Subconscious Re-Programming".
It is an amazing way to achieve results. However, you must seek a Hypnotherapist to facilitate this for you. Be prepared to have 5-6 sessions
of 2-3 hours each for durable results.
People who want to lose weight have the conscious desire to take off the weight, nonetheless some find themselves unable to resist the 500 calorie midnight piece of cake, or whatever the self-sabotaging action is.
The subconscious re-programming eliminates this possibility.
As a matter of fact, I "stack" the s/c with so many positive reinforcements, that I leave very little room for anything else.
Take care and Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

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