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3 years, no answers!
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3 years, no answers!

I am writing this in regards to my boyfriend and his illness...

His problems all started 3 years ago, stomach pains and dizziness.. His gallbadder was checked. At

first they say that was the problem, but when they went to take it out, they said it wasn't a problem.

time has progressed and he has lost around 120lbs. He has had blood tests done which resulted in a

positive ANA and SSB.. What are causing these I dont know? Still having horrid horrid stomach pains.

Very fatigued, trouble with walking, dizziness, pains in joints. Has had a horrible time with keeping

food down. In result problems with teeth and now a new problem in his throat. Possibly torn esophagus?

Hard time swallowing and pain. In the past couple of months problems with his thoughts and brain have

surfaced. Troubles with short term memory. Problems spelling the right words. Issues with mixing up

the words or getting ahead of himself. Problems talking, problems communicating. Very numb, horrible

sharp pains. Along with a very foggy thought process. Some days seem worse than other days. He has

horrible anxiety and has problems leaving his house. Very bad anger issues where he wants to hurt

others and himself. He is not like that normally. Has been battling depression and suicidal thoughts.

He has had a test for lupus and those came back negative, as well as a ct scan that showed nothing

wrong. He is currently awaiting his MRI results. We have several ideas of what it could be. But he has

no way of earning income because he isn't allowed and can not work, lives with his mother who also can

not work. Money is hard to come by and no one in this country wants to help you if you dont have it.

Getting a medical card and Social Security have been a mess. We are just at our wits end and dont know

what to do. He is in so much pain, he needs something soon. Ideas include: problems with his frontal

lobe, possibly including dementia? Lyme disease, Lupus, crohns..
Was wondering if you've gotten any answers yet?
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