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Alzheimer's Prevention

Is a Vegan Diet good to prevent Alzheimer's?
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Hi idhk7737.

A vegan diet may not necessarily be the best option for Alzheimer's
for the following reasons:

1. There may not be enough glucagon production and too much insulin release, depending the exact composition of the diet.
2. Excess of carbs may eventually lead to high insulin excretion, insulin resistance leading to diabetes potentially, disrupt insulin-degrading enzyme (IDE) levels, which removes beta-amyloid in the brain, a key protein in the cause of Alzheimer's.
3.Carbs ( not saturated fat) promote increased "small particle" LDL (the most damaging type), associated with inflammation & atherosclerosis.
4. In the Rotterdam Study in the Netherlands, researchers found that eating fish(High in DHA and EPA) just once a week was associated with a 60 percent reduction in the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.
DHA is a very important fatty acid for brain health and it also prevents beta-amyloid and tau from binding together.
5. People who consume foods rich in vitamin B12 could be at lower risk of developing Alzheimer's . Vitamin B12 is present in natural form only in animal sources of food.

A Mediterranean type of diet -with an occasional glass of red wine, lol!-seems to be the diet best for Alzheimer's prevention.
Add coconut oil (virgin & organic), staying physically, socially and mentally active  and you may have one of the best ways to prevent this disease.

Post again, or PM me if you wish to discuss this topic further.

This is not intended as replacement for medical advice.

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Hi, I wish a diet would prevent Alzheimer's , but that's not going to happen, eating good will help you stay healthy longer but Alzheimer's is not something you can prevent, you can slow it down, you can read, do puzzles keep your mind busy that helps to slow it down.

Does it run in your family.

Just try and be healthy, learn new stuff everyday keep your mind busy that's what helps you .  Get your rest and try not to worry about it, live your life and enjoy it, stressing over you might get Alzheimer's can make you sick, anxiety,.

Here to talk if you want to . heart
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Re: Mediterranean diet study from Columbia University.

When researchers at Columbia University analyzed the diets of 1,984 people averaging 76.3 years of age and scored them from one to nine -
they realized that the higher the score, the closer the participant's diet was to the Mediterranean diet.
The Columbia study concluded that the risk of Alzheimer's was lowest among those people with the highest scores-those diets that were most like the Mediterranean diet.
For each point on the diet scorecard, the risk of Alzheimer's dropped by 19 to 24 percent - so, for example, if you scored a six, your risk would be 19 to 24 percent lower than someone who scored a five.
Those who scored in the top one-third had a 68 percent lower risk of Alzheimer's than those in the lower one-third.

You can draw your own conclusions, but I'll be taking my chances with the Mediterranean diet and of course Coconut Oil, travelling, dancing, blogging,
exercising, meditating, hiking, studying, teaching, translating books, and
listening to my favorite HayHouse Radio inspirational friends and teachers!
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Dr. Neil Barnard who was on Dr. Oz said he had many relatives with Alzheimer's and as he felt he was a good candidate for this disease he then started to research and open the brains of people who died with Alzheimer's. He found lots of strands filled with copper, zinc and iron. He advocates a vegan diet and if you wish to take a supplement, avoid minerals, because the body only needs traces of minerals already found in a vegan diet.

Here is the link for the show:
Please watch the 3 videos.

And another link where he answers questions about Alzheimer's:

Here's a link for his upcoming book to be released in April 19th, 2013:

He says people should avoid dairy, any type of meat and anything from the sea. He claims the sea is the sewer of the world.  I am a big candidate for Alzheirmer's. My parents and other people in my family had it. Now I'm on my 50's and my memory is starting to decline. Who to believe? And what to do?

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Myself, I never buy into extremes, celebrity doctors. trends etc.
I don't know anything about Dr.Neil Barnard. I will watch the 4-part video.

One thing that I find which is very controvercial is his recommendation to avoid minerals. We live in a mineral depleted society, as our soils have been depleted from essential nutrients, mainly minerals, from monocropping and
cheap fertilizers, good only for growth and looks, but lacking in taste and nutrition.
Mineral tissue testing is the only way to go and probably hair analysis
for minerals is affordable and accessible to most. Blood tests are not so helpful, as mineral levels in the blood tend to stay constant.
Magnesium deficiency is very prevelent, as this mineral is in constant demand by the body, being used in over 300 processes.
It's estimated that over 80% of N. Americans are deficient in magnesium.
I do transdermal magnesium oil treatments 2-3 times a week.
It's one of the safest and efficient ways to boost up magnesium levels.
If you need details, let me know.

Veretarianism or veganism is not for all. A cookie cutter approach is not going to serve everyone well.
I would recommend metabolic or nutritional typing, before going for any kind of specific diet. Dr. Mercolas website offers this for free now.
I do very thorough research, i have studied and trained in cellular medicine among  other areas of heath and medicine, mainly  alternative and holistic and my wife was a registered Clinical Dietician.

There a few fundamental things you can do to delay, reduce the risks or prevent A.D altogether. Of course there are no guarrantees.

From the Alzheimer's Association: The first Alzheimer’s risk gene identified was APOE-e4. Everyone inherits a copy of some form of APOE from each parent. Those who inherit one copy of APOE-e4 have an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Those who inherit two copies have an even higher risk, but not a certainty. In addition to raising risk, APOE-e4 may tend to make symptoms appear at a younger age than usual. Scientists estimate that APOE-e4 is implicated in about 20 percent to 25 percent of Alzheimer’s cases.
Have you had this checked?

I'll post  again with some more information that you can look at.

Wish you well.

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Thanks a lot for your post. It's very informative. I'm considering everything you said and will have a look at Dr. Mercola's website.
No, the doctor didn't ask me for a DNA test. I suggested, but he said it might be worse. I don't think so. I believe in prevention. Any information you may have is very welcome. I'm quite lost. I kind of "knocked at the door, and didn't find the solution", but a few people tried to help, which I sincerely appreciate. Many diseases are frustrating, but it's part of life. I think these forums are an incredible resource. Without the internet we'd have to even trust bad doctors like before. At least now we have a choice to decide for ourselves.  I had Pituitary Gland Tumor surgery 3 weeks ago and am doing great. All the research I did prior to surgery helped immensely. The doctor I went for Alzheimer's prevention didn't want to do an MRI initially, but after convincing him, a tumor was found, just by chance. I also have depression and can't sleep at night. I'm here trying to find any help I can. I'm in NY by the way.  
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Hi again.

People with apolipoprotein E4 (ApoE4) have a significantly higher risk of Alzheimers disease than those with other forms of ApoE as per my previous reply.
ApoE4 does not prevent as efficiently as other apolipoproteins, the formation of the amyloid plaques associated with AD.
However, research has shown that people with ApoE4 with the highest levels of beta-carotene had an 89% less risk of cognitive decline!!!
The good news is that even if one don’t have ApoE4, high beta-carotene levels means an 11% risk reduction.
No wonder Bugs Bunny never got Alzheimer's! lol!

I would suggest also that at your next post surgery appointment you consider asking for a complete Hormonal Panel (regarding memory and depression issues), should your treating Physician has not done this already.

Your sleep issues may be detrimental to your mental and cognitive health,
among other consequences. have you had a sleep study?
Have you ever had any Hypnotherapy treatment in the past?
I'm also a board certified Hypnotherapist and I think Hypnotherapy is something you may want to look into.
When having a bundle of sessions booked, the Hypnotherapist has the opportunity to uncover deeply rooted issues,
which normally do not surface in the beginning of the Therapy.
One or two sessions are usually enough to address lighter matters, like stress or procrastination.
I would definitely recommend booking 6 sessions and usually the first consultation is free, so you can get a feel of what's involved before you make any commitment.
The efficiency rate rises dramatically with more sessions and you also get
to learn self-hypnosis at a deeper level.

More to come your way in the future, however, you are welcome anytime  to post again and comment or give an update. Or PM me if you want to talk
or ask me any questions.

I'd love to visit NY this fall but I have my doubts, my schedule looks pretty tight.  I'll be going overseas next week for a month and this will set me back.Next year looks more promising.

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You can order the DNA test yourself for $99! There is at least one company - probably others - that do basic testing for health (it also covers how you react to certain common medications like warfarin) and ancestry.
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Can you send me a link please?
Thank you for your reply!
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I've just found one close to me. Thanks anyway!
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Thanks a lot!
I'm going to the Endocrinologist tomorrow at the hospital I had surgery. I made a copy of this page, did some more research and printed it all to ask the doctor tomorrow. Hope he can figure something out.
I am participating in a study at this hospital  and they have access to all my special tests, etc. I'll ask the doctor about these test results, since I didn't get them and I have the right to ask for a copy I guess. I'll post afterwards.
Thanks again!
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