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Is he about to die?
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Is he about to die?

My grandfather is almost 87 years old. He's had Alzheimer's for about 8 years now. He's been in stage 7 for almost a year and a half, although the only criteria he doesn't meet is completely losing the ability to talk. (He can say 4-5 words at time, although most of it makes no sense). Last year he was in full renal failure from not eating, at which time my grandmother signed a DNI, DNR, and a living will. Some how he pulled through, but I think this is it now. 4 days ago he began freaking out more than usual, grunting and screaming and could not get comfortable. He's been wetting himself 4-5 times a day. Last night he was having trouble breathing, so they called 911. Today at the hospital they learned his heart has started beating irregularly, and he has a urinary tract infection that won't go away. He's a trooper, but I have a feeling he won't be coming out of the hospital this time. I live about 700 miles away from my entire extended family. Should I be planning (I'm a teacher) on going home for a funeral? What are your thoughts and/or experiences?
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So sorry to hear this and i pray your grandfather has peace today.

no one can tell you when the time will be as we are going throught this to, but pretty sure the hospital has a good ideal. yes a uti can and will take them out thats what many die from. my mom has them a lot and hers never clears all the way up but she stays on meds for them so far shes been doing good, but they say thats what takes most alz patients out.

my mom has a irregularly heat beat now and than, i was told the heart and lungs are the last to go because the body gives thoses to all the blood it needs thats why the rest like kidneys/liver goes out first, the body is trying to save the two biggest orgins heart/lung.

i would say be ready and let your work know whats going on. ask who ever is with him if they can speak to the dr at hospital and get some kind of ideal so you will have time to come in if you want to see him before hes gone.

God Bless him and your Family.
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My mother was put on hospice, they first said she had 6months.she lived for 2 yrs. Their are signs to watch for such as the fingernails will start to turn blue plus their ears will begin to pin backward, I know how hard that is to read and I'm very sorry for your family but nobody really knows.hospice would tell us every few months 6 months sometimes weeks. She held on however,but so very sad to watch loved ones pass, but she is peaceful now.
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Such a terrible disease. My mom had it as well and passed on May 28th. Her suffering is over. They told us at hospice she was in final stages as she stopped communicating with us however said few words to relatives that had already passed. So sorry to hear about your grand dad.All we can do is let them know we love them. Thought and prayers your way...
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RH8823 why wait? Your grandpa's spirit is alive, so no matter what
the pathology and symptoms are, you can be with him in a non-verbal communication, perhaps holding his hand,  as you let go of any limiting thoughts or feelings. There's a moment, when in a flash,
something divine happens and you will know it. You and your grandpa
are having a chat -perhaps the last one in the physical world-
with no words exchanged. Far fetched you may say.
Only because of the lack of understanding, as the conscious mind
is trained to reject the notion of such a possibility. It is real though!
I have experience it many times myself and I've facilitated it for others.
As long as one is open to Spirit. Your Grandpa's mental filter ( conscious mind) is weaker, so he IS open to Spirit.

I hope you can get the time off and be there BEFORE he passes on.

heartfluttersflyawayplz  1sweetpea  midmurphy
My mom passed on in May. I had the opportunity to see her alive,
as I'm 10,000 miles away, in February, after the passing of my younger brother at the end of January.
We Always had this special connection- spiritual if I may say- and she recognised me from 100ft away when I went to visit her at the nursing home
I went pass all the medical labels and symptoms and reached for her soul.
The staff there were quite puzzled, seeing her face light up, interacting and communicating with me with whispering words that made no sense at all, but I KNEW what she was saying!
Every day we had this wonderful exchange for about half to one hour,
for the following 3 weeks. meanwhile I had found out from the staff that her hearing was impaired, her comprehension was very limited and her vocal chords could not produce any sounds ( she was only able to whisper)
So all our communication was non-verbal.

We're accustomed to view things from the negative side in life.
We pay attention to horrific events like mass shootings and we tend to overlook sometimes nice things like the spirit in our loved ones, seeing more their symptoms and their conditions perhaps, be it Alzheimer's or Dementia or anything else.
Of course we cannot ignore their physical suffering so we must ensure that everything possible is done to alleviate this.

"Pass On" a poem by Michael Lee  (YouTube Video) is a MUST view for everyone but specially for the individuals that lost loved ones.
Just do a search. My daughter had uploaded this in her blog-a last minute
change of mind- on May 2nd. Her Grandma (my mom) passed on May 4th!

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