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alzheimers or oxycodone?
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alzheimers or oxycodone?

I have a friend, who is renting from me, and is
70 yrs. old, has dementia, taking oxycodone
10 mg. several times a day.  He has been
acting like an alzheimers patient.  But friends
say it is the drug.  I can't get him or his dr.'s
attention.  His doctor called me, he said, but
I tried to return the call and she left for vacation
without talking to me re: results of alzheimers
screening.  He said, she told him that the pills
were causing his problems and cut them way
back.  Checked the rx. and this is not true.
He is very difficult with temper tantrums,
what can I do.  He is uncooperative, something
is very wrong?  Is it the pills or alzheimers.  HELP>
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Sad to hear this, but really dont know about meds. why dont you go on the dr's site and ask them this or call your pharmcy they can answer more about the meds than most drs.  God Bless ya
You may not know the answer unless he is cured of his addiction. You say he has been "acting like an Alzheimer's patient." That "acting" part is interesting because this is what I suspect in the case of one of my older brothers who is 86. I believe he suffers from severe depression and that this is his way of keeping everyone at bay. Actually he wants to die, but family genes program him to a very old age.
It seems to me, from what you are saying, that there is more than med side effects there. it sounds like the temper tantrums are increasing, or more than before. Family members are usually the first ones to see the problem. A typical symptom of Alzheimers is denial. A person with Alzheimers may deny symptoms to the doctor; it is common. I know this is frustrating. My mother, who has dementia, and probably Alzheimers, claims a "fall on the head" caused itall. She told me she had Alzheimers, later forgot that, then got angry with me that I said she had it. She said I was working against her in telling the family doctor I thought she had Alzheimers. She even denies dementia. She went and got many friends to reassure her that they had the same memory problems at her age. My wife and kids were living with her, and she got really aggressive; moved out to my sisters, sold the house we were living in, sued us, had us evicted, forgot she sued us; all along she seems to think she is the victim of the conflict. You could be in for worse. Remember, your family member is not well. His brain is sick. Memory loss in Alzheimers is slowly progressive. Forming new memories goes first. Old memories are clear. It is a slow fade, and I wish I had known what I was getting into when I moved in with her. I wouldn't have done it. Dave
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