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is namenda for a 90yr old
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is namenda for a 90yr old

my grandmother is going to be 91 yrs in aug, she has dementia... she sometimes forgets who her family members are and asks when is she going home, and insists that we are all conspiring against her and lying to her!!! she becomes hostile at times and rude.. I am the basic caregiver.. the oldest granddaughter, my aunt helps out as this is alot of work.. she has chronic kidney infections and now, since her last hospitalization has lost the ability to walk byherself with her walker.. my grandfather wantws to put her on namenda,we tried it for a few weeks, but I saw3 her only become more hostile!! do you think a person at her age is really going to benefit from namenda at this stage? thank you, maria
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I would discuss the side effects with the doctor if she is not getting any benefit and take her off.

I know we tried my FIL on risperadil and he got worse so he came off after a couple weeks.

The medications may benefit some, but not all - and certainly let the doctor know. BTW my father in law has similar affect in that he thinks everyone is conspiring, lying etc. We cannot take him into our home for that reason as he gets physical and emotional outbursts and I am disabled so I cannot handle it.

We left him home with caregivers as long as we could, but after so many police calls and caregiver issues, we finally had to place him in a home. Sad for us all.
wow sounds just like my mom, she had all of that and also could not take the meds,
there are all kinds of meds to help them get threw this, ones that help them sleep so that the caretakers can rest, ones that help to keep the calm so they dont have days of out burst.

you need to talk to her Dr and tell them all you told us so that ya can get her and ya help.

check around see what support groups is in your county and see if they will come out and help ya with her.  

GOD BLESS HER AND YA and always here to talk Heart
I took care of my mom when she had alzeimers.  we were having a sort of hard time.  she didn't know who anyone was.  I put pictures of her favorite by her chair and put their names on the pictures.  I would put names on the doors so she would know where she was.  the biggest help of all the last time they let her go to the hospital.  they called in a heart specialist.  they said they could do no more for her.  I said mom weare going home.  the heart doc changed her meds,  he put her on buspar.  wonder drug.  she was no longer mean.  she wasmore like my mom.  your friend ,mandy876
Because your grandmother  suffers from chronic kidney infections she should not be taking  Namenda, no matter how old she is.  When you said that you tried her on if for a week, did her doctor prescribe this for her?  .

Medications for Demential and Altzheimers are also not suitable for people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, e.g. had a heart attach for example.

People with Dementia and Altzheimers do get aggressive and this part of the illness. It is because they cannot express and put into words any more how they feel.  They are not able to communicate properly because of damaged brain cells.

As a carer, try and observe her facial reactions and her mannerisms.  And if you notice she starts to get agitated or looking wild in her eyes, change the subject and distract her attention to something different.

Don't ask her questions like do you remember who this is, because that will frustrate her.  When you introduce a person to her, explain who they are and the relationship.  

People with this type of illness do not like a lot of noise and distractions, so if you have a lot of people turning up all at once, she will get very confused.  People like your grandmother  like to have quiet and are only comfortable in surroundings that are familiar to them.  

When you notice that your grandmother gets aggressive, these may be little mini strokes in her brain.  I used to look after my granny, and she used to get them and when she did she used to be very aggressive and very strong, and then afterwards she was very weak.  These are like little blood surges in the brain.

If there is a Dementia group in your area, if may help you to join them to learn from other people's experiences with looking after a relative with this type of illness.

Best wishes.

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