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seizures from yeast toxicidity?
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seizures from yeast toxicidity?

poor memory, foultaste  or smells, episodes every 2 weeks of stomach ache, pins and needles up and down legs , complete memory loss, once fainting, stmach hurts all the  time, letharic  depressed.  episodes last only few minutes, i am 74. no alcohol smoking or drugs
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Hey meandmagee150.
Welcome to the forum.

It sounds like a typical case of Candidiasis. Check Candidiasis links to GAPS and autoimmune disease also.
One doesn't need alcohol to get the same results as the body can make it  on it's own. lol!
Some of the symptoms of Candidiasis:
Chronic fatigue,tiredness (specially after meals)
Gastro Intestinal issues: bloating, gas, intestinal cramping, chronic diarrhea, constipation, heartburn and other.
Allergies ( including both food,drink and environmental )
Severe pre-menstrual syndrome (F)
Impotence (M)
Memory loss, mental fog, severe mood swings.
Recurrent fungal infections like " jock itch "& athelete's foot
Extreme sensitivity to chemicals, perfumes, smoke etc
Vaginal or urinary infections and Prostatitis.
Light headedness or drunken like symptoms after minimal alcohol, or certain food consumption.

I suggest carb and sugar avoidance including artificial sugars and dairy.
Consumption of extra virgin coconut oil, as it is a great antifungal, should help. Start with 2T daily for the first week.
Visit the cocnut research center website for more info.
If all this makes a difference,
then it probably confirms the candiasis suspicion.
Taking good quality probiotics will help restore your intestinal flora.
Please let me know if this resonates well with you.
If you have any questions please post again or pm me directly.
Wish you well.
Look also into "oil pulling" (one of my top recommendations.)
I personally do it every morning using extra virgin coconut oil.

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what is oil pulling??
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Hey Ann.

I was introduced to "oil pulling" about 3 years ago and it has been
a true blessing in my life.
It originates from Ayurvedic medicine, a very old Hindu traditional healing
Basically it involves taking a teaspoon of oil -I use coconut oil because of all its healing properties- and swishing well for 15-20 minutes each morning
before breakfast, working the oil around the mouth just like mouthwash.
After the swishing, you must spit the oil out completely and rinse the mouth very thoroughly.
Through this process Billions of harmful bacteria and toxins, residing in the oral cavity (a very desirable location with almost perfect conditions for them)
and the salivary glands, get excreted, leaving the mouth fresh, clean and healthy.
It almost guarantees the elimination of any focal infections from the mouth,
one of the very origins of systemic infections and disease -besides dental and gum infections- such as various forms of Arthritis.

At your next dental appointment,your dentist, after you have done oil pulling for a few weeks will ask you, if you have been cheating on him/her,
as your gums and teeth will be so much healthier and cleaner! lol!

Wishing you well.
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