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NO cancer but lots of problems with constipation.
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NO cancer but lots of problems with constipation.

I DO NOT have anal cancer but am writing in forums that connect to rectal issues. I am 32 year old female. Grandmother died from colon cancer. NO OTHER family with colon cancer, other cancers but not colon.

I have extreme constipation. Sometimes i am in agony to pass the stool.
It doesnt matter what i eat im still constipated. I have not had a normal BM for a long time. I have been this way for well over a year. I have tried laxatives. High fibre diet. I eat raisin bran cereal every morning.
I am wondering if anyone else has some of the issues i have.

I am very very gassy. I pass a lot of gas. My stomach is always bloated.

I have never noticed this before and it may be common BUT when i am full of BM , i can feel a huge bulge in my vagina. I cannot even fit a tampon in my vagina as the feces is bulging through the wall into my vagina. This happens whenever i have to go bm. My husband says he sometimes can feel it bulging when we have sex even if i dont feel like i have to have a BM.

EVERY and i mean every time i have a BM i have to press very hard onto the area between vagina and anus (perinuim???) to guide the feces out.

I have noticed blood in my stool a few times BUT it was not dripping out of me but on the stool itself which i believe is from tearing anus due to large BM.

My stool is very large and seems very dry.Very dark colored almost clay like sometimes. Some of the time it is in balls. Hundreds of balls to form a long stool.

My energy level is very low however i take b12 shots monthly due to anemia so that causes tiredness too.

Any ideas or suggestions. I live in ontario canada so i dont need insurance and i plan to make a appt this week. Just curious especially to see if other gals have the bulging feces in vagina.


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My sister (now deceased) had the same symptoms you are describing.  She was diagnosed with Stage IV rectal cancer.  I would definitely see a doctor ASAP to find out the cause.  It might be nothing but the sooner you find out the sooner something can be done.  This is not something that should be ignored.  Good luck and God Bless.
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