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chances of anal cancer

i am a male 28 years old i had sex with 2 escorts with in last 3 years
now i have started pain in anus and when i tried to find whats wrong by checking inside anal wall from my finger i didnt find any thing
it started a week back after passing stool i felt a slight irritation n after that a burning sensation and felling of incomplete bowel
i tried to explore the anal canal for wart but i didnt feel any but i got severe pain
when ever i try to pass stoll after that it gets worst
while i am sitting feeling of some thing like a cut or feeling of some thing goin on in anal canal
i got mucus discharge as well
its better now but had it severe
i tried to explore my penis a lot for warts or any penile cancer beacause of hpv got pain in penis as well
dont know beacause of examining too much or beacause of any HPV high risk virus
can i have hpv cancer of anal or penis
can these cancer occurr together
can i get anal cancer or penile cancer at the age of 28 beacause of high risk strain of hpv

kindly please help me out
i am so upset
cant continue my life like this
i am hanging
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Avatar m tn
Nobody on this board can really help you all that much.. You should go to your doctor he can use an anoscope to look into your anal canal he can also look at your penis to check for anything that would look like cancer. A colorectal doctor can give you an hpv test in the form of an anal pap smear to check for cells and for strains of hpv. Odds are in your favor greatly that you do not have anal cancer. It is for the most part very rare and usually happens later in life, Although this isnt always the case. Just go in for a check they have tools to exam and the tests to let you know whats going on. Good luck.
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You need to see your doctor.  I"m not sure if you mean you have HPV or think you might have it?  But the bowel issues sound like something needs to be looked at, it could be an infection, polyps, problems in the bowel are not always cancer.  But get a doctor appt and get checked out.
1118884 tn?1338596450
See a doctor who specializes in colo/rectal problems.  They have the equipment as Todd has mentioned to do a thorough exam.
You won't have peace about all this until you see one.

I am an anal cancer survivor (2007).  Wouldn't presume to advise you about the various problems you relate, or have the medical experience to answer your questions.

So...take that first step and see a doctor.
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Simply put, anal cancer is cancer that develops in the anus, the opening of the rectum, which allows feces to pass from the large intestine to outside of the body.

Below mentioned are the symptoms of anal cancer

Many times there may not be any symptoms present. The most common anal cancer symptoms include bleeding from the anus, lump in or around the anus, and an anal discharge. Please visit "Anal Cancer Symptoms" for more information about symptoms.
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Stop having unprotected sex...that's an idea that will help you in the future maybe
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