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Anal problem (Picture included)
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I have spent a considerable amount of time in the last eight months researching pain in the anorectal area. I know from doing the research that there are many people out there with Fissures, Fistulas and assorted other problems, who are going through the same pain as I am experiencing on a daily basis. So, I thought it would be good to form a little group where we could share the problems, and what you have done or are doing to remedy things. I am not a nurse or in the medical profession, just someone going through constant pain and happy to share it!

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Anal problem (Picture included)

So I have an anal condition for about a year now.

I went to a local doctor.
She was....very unprofessional to say the least.
Giving me faces of not wanting to see my anus and stuff.
In the end, she concluded that I have hemorrhoids.
She gave me some...uh...'bullets' to put into my butt and that was that.

For awhile, it was better.
then i came back.

When it did, I went to the pharmacy to buy my own 'bullets' and got a hemorrhoid cream (Neo healer ointment) on the side.
its cheaper that way cause my family is in a bit of a financial crisis.
It got better again as well.
then it came back again.

So i went on the net to check some things out and now I think i have a fungal infection there.
Im confused as well as desperate.

The symptoms i face are:-
1. Pain when i defecate(main issue) - the best way i can describe the pain is by like, theres a wound there or a super sensitive pimple there (the ones where you scratch a bit too much on your face and just by touching it, its painful).

2. Occasional itchiness - i thought that it was just me not cleaning my anus properly but now that i think about it, it may be due to whatever problem i have..?

Other than those 2, i dont think i have any other problems.

I took some pictures of my anus if its any help...
(Sorry if its horrifying)  .___.
(Uh, i have 2 more pictures if this one isnt clear enough.)

Feel free to ask me anything or whatever.
I just really wanna get rid of this.
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