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exercise and anal fissure pain
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I have spent a considerable amount of time in the last eight months researching pain in the anorectal area. I know from doing the research that there are many people out there with Fissures, Fistulas and assorted other problems, who are going through the same pain as I am experiencing on a daily basis. So, I thought it would be good to form a little group where we could share the problems, and what you have done or are doing to remedy things. I am not a nurse or in the medical profession, just someone going through constant pain and happy to share it!

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exercise and anal fissure pain

I had a stressful summer and had alot of problems with IBS during that time I started having alot of rectal pain. Very painful to sit at all. I have always been a runner and I am unable to run at all because it seems like the pain runs from my butt cheek and sometimes into my leg. It makes it almost unbearable when I am done running and then it hurts for days and days after!  I went to one surgeon who said I had a anal fissure but it was alittle further up inside then most. His only suggestion was to take baths and use lidocaine cream.  NO HELP!  He said if it wasn;t better in 6 weeks than surgery!! NO THANKS.... I have read horror stories about that. Bad enough to have constant pain in your Butt let alone going in your pants!  So I went to a GI doctor at the university hospital.. He said he really did not see anything to bad , so maybe it was in the process of healing?? He did not do much and wanted to run me through Celiac test, fructose and lactose testing.   After that anal scope, I was miserable!  I called and they gave me Diltazem cream.   I used it for  a week or more and had headaches and felt really anxietied!  They told me to stop.  I think it was helping some because the pain wasn't there constantly and I could actually sit!  So I decided to try running again.   Well... after that, pain all the time for the past almost 2 weeks.  Sometimes better as long as I am on my feet but horrible with sitting or lying on my back.  
I do not want to have surgery.... I will do anything to prevent that. It is killing me not to exercise because I am also going through peri-menapause and need that for my well-being!
Any suggestions I could have to help this would be a God send to me.
Do not trust the Doctors... Surgeon said I need surgery and the GI doctor said, It didn't look too bad!
Can these  be painful even after they heal from the scar tissue? Will they continue to tear open in the same spot?
I take fiber, I am also a healthy eater. I have had low ferritin levels in the past at 2 that have went up to like 18. I have taken Cow's liver pills for that.   I have hypothyroidism and IBS. That is my only health issues.
What can I do to live a normal life again. Do I have to give up exercise....?
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Sorry to know about your situation. You sound like me except I have hyperthyroidism. the hypothyroidsm gives you a lot of constipation and hence messes up the fissure. I have a fissure since 2008 and I was able to get rid of it but now I have a fistulla that I need to get corrected with surgery.

BTW I am not a doctor, just a sufferrer from this horrible pain..

Ok. you dont need to stop excercise long term, but first get rid of the fissure by trying the following (at your own risk), it helped me. Find the root cause of the fissure. One the fissure is gone keep the regimn for 4 - 6 months and then after this maintain the regimen but you can go a little easy. The trick is to find a way that you can control the fissure at will if it happens again so that you are not that scared.

1) Improve diet. I ate lots of carrots as the morning snack, ate salad, gave up sugar, drink 1.5 litres of water. Fiber bloated me so never took it. Avoid enriched flour. Keep your dinner light
2) For first few weeks I kept a very liquid diet.
3) Took 1 colace in the afternoon and 2 at night. Kept the stools real soft.
4) Changed my bowel pattern. I started to go twice a day. For some reason it kept my spasm in check.
5) Dont do heavy exercise for 2 months but say after few weeks do yoga with lots of breadthing excercise. Dont do crazy stretching. Yoga helps your muscles relax.
6) Check if hypothyroidsm has given you depression or anxiety. This could be the root problem even though an endo or GI say that they have not heard so. Drs are a**holes. You know your body better than anyone. GI's cannot treat fissure, they might say lets do colonoscopy or will do a painful test. Ask your self if you are a worrier, do you sleep late if yes bingo you got one of the underlying reason for your fissure.
7) USE Aand D ointment regularly, give up toilet paper, really take a thick sheet and wet it with warm water and then use it and then use sitx bath.
8) Initially do the sitz bath for atleast 20 minutes. Dont get up in 5 minutes. Change the water to maintain the temperature. Take a ipad or book with you so that you dont get bored.
9) Dont use hydrocortisol.
10) When in pain, no medicine worked for me except celebrex. If you are allergic to sulpha then you cant take this. Insurance does not cover this med and is really expensive.
11) The nifidephine and nitroglycerene are useless if they did not work
12) Relax , relax and relax,, With thyroid disorders you need more rest then anyone else.
13) Slowly your body will tell you that u are ready for your running on regular basis, but give it a break for sometime now.

BTW check with your dr before you do all this particularly if there are any contraindications for low ferretin levels.
Good luck and get your life back soon
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