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Dealing with anger, Q & A's
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Welcome to the Anger Management community. This patient support community is for discussions relating to anger management.

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Dealing with anger, Q & A's

What is anger?

Simply put, anger is an emotion like all other emotions. Emotions are signposts into our internal structure. It’s simply something we feel.
Act as if what you do
makes a difference.
It does.  - William James

How do we become angry?

There is a direct and an indirect process of becoming angry. If we are referring to anger as an emotion like sadness, hurt, or joy, anger is simply a direct feeling response. So something happens, and we may react to it with feeling hurt, angry, or some other emotion.

However, anger can also be a secondary emotion. Many people (particularly males) are trained to accept the feeling of anger, but not to accept the feelings that may have preceded it; such as feelings of hurt, fear, or vulnerability. Sometimes when we feel hurt or vulnerable, we immediately jump to anger because that’s more acceptable to us. In this context, it becomes a secondary emotion, it’s the feeling we can tolerate rather than such feelings as hurt or vulnerability.

When does anger become unhealthy? How do I know?

Anger is unhealthy when it gets in the way of your functioning or your relationships; if anger is causing you to loose friends, put your job in jeopardy, if people complain to you about your anger, if you hear people talking about you having a bad temper. These are signs that your anger is getting in your way, and therefore it’s unhealthy.

Does anger have a neurological basis? Is it hereditary?

No, anger doesn’t have a neurological basis any more than any other feeling. And no, it isn’t hereditary. There are people who suffer from a certain kind of illness called intermittent explosive disorder. This illness results in anger being used as a secondary emotion, prompting an outbreak of rage, smashing things, yelling at people and so forth. There may be some hereditary basis to this, but there is no clear evidence at the present.

For further reading, go to the following site:

Disclaimer:  I have no association with the above site.  Just interested in dealing with anger issues myself & came across the site.  
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I never had any issues with anger till i had a real bad thing come upon my family and i. I was the most caring and compassionate person in the world. Even when my sky was black and stormy i still tried to make everyone else bright and sunny. Over the past year, and after being double crossed, lied about, lied to and having the most important thing in the world taken from me i find that i have a serious anger issue. I would always try to explain things that people would do that was wrong; like passing judgement on people for things they may have done in their past but anymore i just tell them they are ignorant and walk away from me quickly. It's sad really. Strange how one thing that happens to you can change your actions for the rest of your life. I hope mine is not forever. _Marebear74
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