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Coronary artery disease
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Coronary artery disease

50 years old man had 2 episodes of angina during 4 years. Stress test is negative,cardiac markers during pain episode negative, no ST changes on ECG. Has right bundle blockage more than 5 years. Coronary angi findings:
Diffuse 15% proximal lesion in RCA
Discrete 60% mid lesion in left main
Discrete 65% ostial lesion in LAD
Discrete 50% mid lesion in circumflex

Please advise what is the best treatment?
Avatar m tn
Well, while we don't really know enough to give you valid advise,   from the little we do see in your post,  for now you should do nothing... in terms of any surgical treatment.
Rather,  as I'm sure you are being told,  you should take your meds.. probably a statin, and possibly some other medication,  and make some HUGE alterations in your diet and lifestyle.  The meds will not, by themselves,  take the place of HUGE lifestyle changes.
Otherwise,  by 65 you face the probable prospect of needing a physical intervention.. either a stent or a bypass.

So why not make some HUGE shifts before you reach that point?

Has your doctor recommended a statin thus far?
Please realize that the majority of heart attacks occur in lesions (blockages)  that are less than 65% blocked.
Given your results and episodes of angina at your age,  you'd seem to already be at some risk

What is your total cholesterol and LDL?
Your bmi and blood pressure?
Your diet and exercise lifestyle?
Under what precise circumstances did the angina occur?

What is your doctor telling  you that you should do?   Is he/she a cardiologist?
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