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EKG can someone help

I asked to doctors and was told different opinions.

I have been having what I think is angina (refused angiogram
because I am unable to metabolize meds and anesthetics,
and radioactive dye).

We are lucky that in the UK, we have socialized medicine,
and would not hesitate to call for an ambulance, but, sometimes,
its impossible to say if its angina or a heart attack, angina comes
and goes..

I had two EKG between a period of a month

The first one says possible ischemia.  Why is this not definitive?
Low QRS Voltage in precordial leads?  (no idea what this means)?
Minor repolarization changes? (no idea what this means)?

Flat or Low Negative T lead in avF

With negative T in III

ECG without any significant abnomalities.

How could this be, when for days I had type of angina synptoms?

The second ECG a month later says:

Aytpical wave in Q III

I suffer from left ventricular dysfunction, and may have
blockages based on my symptoms

For the last two weeks, dizzy, kind of angina
comes and goes.  

I don't understand why it didn't show on the 2nd

Many thanks

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Hi there!

It would be difficult to comment on the EKG without having a look at the actual graph. None of the changes mentioned are significant/ specific for ischaemia/ angina or infarction and could occur in a few other conditions as well. For specific diagnosis the changes would need to be consistent or present in consecutive leads. Though angina symptoms are intermittent they do not typically last for days. I would suggest getting the EKG read by a cardiologist who specializes in electrophysiology or considering tests such as TMT for determining the risk. I would suggest discussing the situation and the suggested management plan in detail with your treating cardiologist.
Hope this helps.

Take care!
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