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Shallow breathing and chest pain
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Shallow breathing and chest pain

HI Im 18 and I am a smoker. Im trying to quit smoking at the moment.

For the past 5 moths I have been experiencing shallow breathing and often feels like a chore, it feels sometimes I could just stop breathing if I didn't try.

There is intense pressure on my ribs just where the bra goes on the left side and also around the floating rib.
I get sharp pains that start right under my left boob and shoot along the left arm sometimes on the right too, it goes right up to my neck and sometimes my ear and down my leg .

My heart beat goes really fast with low exercise sometimes even just talking triggers it with shortness of breath. I also get the feeling of choking
I always seem to lean on my left side when standing or sitting, I also cant seem to hold my self up while making tea or anything seems like Im always leaning forward on the counter or table .

I get hot flashes and sweat loads even when Im cold.
Sometimes a hot flash comes just around my heart through to my back
I get dizziness and the feeling of disillusion.
I have very bad shoulder pain.

I also get feelings like things are bursting or ripping inside under my boob and around my chest my hip as well not painful just uncomfortable Very different to gas though.

My heart beat is very strong the majority of the time and feels uncomfortable,  I can feel it in my back and sometimes in my neck, my brother even said he could feel it in his back too while both us sitting on the couch its so strong, Im starting to feel weak and tired all day and sometimes when I laugh it triggers pain or discomfort.

Iv never really been sick in my life besides a mild cold, I was always very fit and now I cant even take a step without breathlessness.
I eat well, good weight and right amount of exercise
I cant get on public transport without getting a panic attack or be in small rooms when I used to be fearless of basically anything.
This has forced me to drop out of college as I couldn't be in a room without getting hot flushes and dizziness and fast heart rate its taking away my social life too.
People seem to think its panic attacks but I feel it may be that  and something else like out of place shoulders or trapped nerve
it all started quickly and never really stopped, I cant even get a good nights rest
I do feel the panic symptoms could be solved by counselling but im almost sure that this pain and discomfort would not go away Im going to go back to my chiropractor tooin case its just my back and shoulders. but i dont know if this will solve it
please help
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Hey Vanessa!

This sounds more like an issue related to the lung and less like a heart related cause, such as infections, inflammations, effusion etc. Other possibilities that may need to be considered include arrhythmias, hormonal/ endocrine causes, micronutrient deficiencies, neurological issues, GI/ related causes etc. I would suggest getting this evaluated by a primary care physician initially and depending on the cause diagnosed/ suspected, it can be managed accordingly or specialist care may be sought.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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