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12 year old Cat with Renal Failure
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12 year old Cat with Renal Failure

Hello! My 12 year old female cat had a blood test & urianalysis done a few days ago that indicated she has renal failure. This is her only medical condition and has been showing signs of renal failure for approx. 2-3 years (drinking alot, occasionally peeing somewhere she shouldn't) I really need some advice on treatment.

Her vet decided to put her on Epakitin (3/4 a gram twice a day) to absorb excess phosphate and Rehmannia 14 to stablize kidney function. I don't really know if Rehmannia 14 is a good idea or not. After a lot of research I've only found that it is commonly used for Cushing's Disease (which my cat doesnt have) & a kidney disorder that involves heating and cooling of the kidneys (which also isn't what my cat has). I don't see how it will stabilize her kidneys...

I personally beleive my cat should be on Rehmannia 8, Shut the Sluice Pill, or Azodyl. Then again, I'm not a vet and there could be a reason I'm not finding as to why he wants to use Rehmannia 14. I really need advice on what I should do... :(

Thank you for any advice!
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November 03, 2010
Blood Test Results
BUN: 92 MG
CREA: 4.2 MG
PHOS: 7.9 MG
CA: 11.7 MG
pH(ven): 7.60
PCO2(ven):: 25 mmHG
tCO2(ven): 23.5 mmol
Other pertinent test results
Urianalysis confirmed that urine was diluted and unconcentrated
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Your cat needs to be on IV fluids for 3 days to flush her kidneys because of her high creatinine level. She needs aluminum hydroxide to bind and remove the excess phosphorus. It is likely she is also anemic and Vitamin B12 injections will help with this.
If you are able to post your cats complete blood and urine results, I can offer you further specific advice which would be my pleasure.
Dr Carol Osborne, DVM
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