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Distemper-like Symptoms
We have lost four German shepherds over the past three years, all with distemper symptoms. Though the first three lived together, their deaths were more than a year apart from each other. We got the fourth dog several months after the last of the first three died. They all were given their vaccines on time and have no contact with any other dogs. They never leave our property. Now we’re afraid to get another dog.

Our first dog (male) developed neurological symptoms overnight. He had seizures and had coordination problems. He was treated with Gardinal sodium. He improved, but the symptoms returned in two month. He also had a loss of apetite. He then died. The vet said it was distemper even though he had been vaccinated.

About 1 year later our second dog (female) developed a chronic eye discharge. We treated her with eye drops. After 2 weeks she lost her appetite and a got a fever. She then died. The vet was unable to help.

About 6 months later our third dog (female) was perfectly fine one day, but then suddenly died overnight. There were patches of bloody diarrhea in her room.

After six months of having no dogs, we got a male puppy. When he was 11 months old he lost his appetite for about a week and ate nothing for 3 days. He vomited about 3 times. He was very thirsty for the last three days. He once has bloody diarrhea a couple of times and then he died. Again, the vet said it was distemper, even though he had been vaccinated.

It has been about 3 months now and we want to get another dog, but we afraid the same thing might happen again. Our local vet seems to think its distemper. But even if it is, we’re not sure what to do since timely vaccinations do not seem to help. Please help.
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Wow, I am very sorry to hear about all of this.
It is difficult for me to determie what the cause of all these situations are however distemper is ulikely. For distemper to happen once in a vaccinated pet is extremely rare, for it to happen a handful of times to every pet a family owns its statistically near impossible. And while vaccines cannot be guaranteed, the efficacy of the distemper vaccine is very very good.
I would be more concerned with some sort of toxin in the environment. I normally would recommend you get another dog however be extra careful and watch your puppy very closely. Make sure nothing is being given to him by neighbours or people passing by your house etc.
Good luck
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