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Prostate Cancer
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Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer
by bbaldwin, 59 minutes ago
Our 9 yr old Standard Poodle, Monty, was diagnosed with prostatic transitional cell carcinoma in Oct. 2007.  He has had a series of 4 IV chemo treatments with 3.7 mg of Mitoxantrone, the last one on 12/31/07.  He takes 7.5 mg of Promicam, 15 mg of Pepcid and 3000 mg of fish oil daily.  The last ultrasound showed that the tumor had shrunk to 3 X 3.7cm.  Our question is, should he be taking any herbal suppliments or other medications on an on going basis?  If so, what should he be taking?  We have heard that Lymph "A" and Lymph "X" may be helpful but we cannot find any information on them on the Internet.  The plan it to do another ultrasound in March to see what, if anything, is happening with the tumor.  Thank you for any information you can give us.

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I will post my cancer protocol from work tomorrow.  The protocol includes a diet, supplements and natural chemotherapy.
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Thank you very much for your response.  I look forward to receiving your cancer protocol.
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Pet Cancer Diet

Approximate Volume/Amounts

Meat of all kinds: Beef, Lamb, Turkey,Chicken,
Fish, etc. (preferably organic).  Do not trim fat.  Feed slightly cooked. Raw is not recommended especially if patient is undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy.  Organ meats should not be used more than twice weekly.  Cottage Cheese or Ricotta,
Eggs and Tofu are acceptable substitutions.

Vegetables: Any leafy green or yellow vegetable,
and mushroom.  The most important are: Broccoli,
Kale, String Beans, and Peppers.  Please use only limited quantities of carrots and other high sugar, high carbohydrate vegetables.

Make enough stew for a week with the above.  Please add ½ clove or fresh garlic per 10 pounds.  You may also add ¼ of plain yogurt per 10 pounds after cooking. Store in individual containers in the freezer and take out as needed.  Add any spices you wish to increase palatability

Recommended Supplements and Additions:

Missing Link or Human daily vitamin-mineral supplement (full dose over 20lbs, ½ dose below 20lbs)
Calcium and other mineral supplement (200 mg per 10 pounds)
Turmeric or Curcumin ½ teaspoon per 10lbs especially for GI cancers
Fish oil (dogs and cats) 500-600 mg DHA and EPA per 10lbs
Flax seed oil or olive oil as a calorie source (dogs) ½ per 10lbs
Vitamin C (most easily used in powdered form)
Vitamin K(works with Vitamin C at 100:1 ratio)
Vitamin E
Taurine (cats-250-400mg daily)
Onco Support
Neoplasene (a natural chemotherapy agent)
Transfer Factor Plus
Bromelain enzyme 150mg tid between meals
Yunan Piayo
PolyMVA (a natural chemotherapy agent available online)
Low dose doxycycline for any sarcoma
Hoxsey formula (a Herbal chemotherapy agent)
Beta Glucan
Beta Carotene
Artemisia annua L. (Qin Hau)
Maitake-d fraction, or Power Mushrooms
ECGC extract (Green Tea polyphenol) 50mg per 10lbs
Astragalus(not with concurrent chemotherapy or radiation therapy)
Broccoli Sprout extract
Piroxicam Cox-2 inhibitor for Carcinoma
Mistletoe extract (not with concurrent chemotherapy or radiation therapy) for Lymphoma
Cordyceps sinensis extract for Lymphoma
Ashwaganda extract for Lymphoma
Gotu Kola extract for Lymphoma

Dose as per instructions on the bottle of the supplement but scale down to size as follows:

Dog     ¼ to ½  for dog less than 10lb adult human dose and frequency
            ½ to ¾  for dog 10 to 30lbs adult human dose and frequency
            ¾ to 1 for dog 30 to 70lbs adult human dose and frequency
            1 to 2  for dogs above 70lbs adult human dose and frequency

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Thank you very much for the information.
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Please excuse the typo in you name above.
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