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What can lead a cat to hypotermia episodes, except exposure to cold wea...
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What can lead a cat to hypotermia episodes, except exposure to cold weather?

For the second time Loreena goes bed perfectly normal and wake up next morning lethargic
No feeding.drinking or going litter
All vets notice its  a low temperature - first time it was sooo low that they kept her at the clinic
You can have all details in the cats community,hope they help
First time vets told she had a small infection and she was treated for.Worked fine- this week happened again. a little slighter
All they long she was watched , no progress so at night i take her take for the blood sampler and just at 5;30 following day she started being herself again!
Blood test this time shows nothing wrong.I will post it complete asap
Thing come and go suddenly, without no apparent reasons,we are puzzled!                                                
I get crazy it can happen to her outside home :-(
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4 yo
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Domestic medium hair
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May 28, 2011
Sao paulo
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There are not many causes of hypothermia unrelated to cold temperature in cats.

The only common causes are anemia, certain medications, brain injury and septicemia.  

A traumatic brain injury, such as falling on the head, or being hit in the head can alter the area in the brain which controls thermoregulation (the control of the body's temperature).  A stroke or infarct in the brain, or injury inside the brain itself can also cause alteration of brain functions.  If there was an unidentified brain injury it may resolve or be controlled with medications and anti-inflammatories.

Septicemia, which is a serious blood infection can cause aberrant body temperatures.  But, these temperatures are usually elevated and not often decreased until very late in the course of the disease.  Your cat does not sound sick so this possibility can be eliminated.

Anemia can be caused by some parasites, blood loss, and diseases.

You did not mention that your cat has any disease, injuries or abnormal blood work so  the cause of the hypothermia may be very difficult to determine.  

Perhaps your vet should check for blood parasites, other parasitic infections,  and other causes for anemia.  In the mean time try to keep her warm and away from air conditioning or fans until the problem is identified.
Edit " all day long she was watched...).Cats mom lack of sleep problems...

Thanks for replying
Blood work was ok second time and except for the mentioned facts all keeps going fine
I'll be posting the only abnormal results in   a post right below this- I have to copy that from another place
She is also dewormed with regularity and poo is ok so I assume worm problemas are not the point.
In fact my girl  already took more antiworm pills that she'll probably need cos  everytime one of her kids get one I have to give it for all! Now they are 'on vacation" of...
Just got a  veterinarian site sent by  a friend and  they talk about poisoning by eating rodents poisoned with anticoagulant rat killers
Some parts fits well, as the not imediated effect,low temperature  and a "come back" about a  week later.But her gums were ok,I remember vet checked those

Here goes the results that maybe help.The not mentioned itens are all n
Eritrocites 8.300.000 (02/may) 8.9000.000 (26/may) Nr 5.000.000 to 10.000.000ml
Hematocrito (VG) 48  (02/may and  50 (26 /may).Nr 24-45%
Haemoglobine(Hb) 12,6 (02/may)  and 13,1 (26 /may) Nr 8-15 g/dl

Leucocites 20.000 ml ( nr 5.500 to 19.500) - no infection this time! Previous one had been 24.200

URea: 65,1mg/dl ( nr 10 to 56,0) first test( may,02)

creatinina : 2.0mg/dl ( NR 0.6 to  1,80 first test May ,02 ) Now is 1,4mg/dl ( May 26) =Normal

Alt 21,5 UI/L ( NR 6,0 TO 83,0 ) I dont now yet what is this but is ok (May 26)

alcaline fosfatase: 40,9 U/L (nr 10 to 80) =ok

They also did a lot of glicemia tests by the time she stayed at the clinic cos the first time her glicemia was elevated - she had to take insulin but diabets was finally discarded.

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