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Glad to be a member of this animal loving group
Hi everybody. I'm new to the Animal Lovers Group.  When I saw the title of this group. I
knew I had to join. As a long time animal lover it seemed like a natural.  I've loved animals since I was a child.
Growing up our family had a dwarf African lovebird. His name was Tweety. Our family also had a number
of toy breed dogs whom we loved dearly. I love cats very much. I've adopted three cats in my life, not all
at the same time. Currently, we ( my husband and I ) have a male gingercat called Sammy who we adopted
from a cat rescue organization last year. He's quite a character. We also have a cockatiel called Cutie.
He's quite a character too. Luckily, my husband enjoys animals as much as I do. I looking forward
to hearing from other members of this animal loving group and sharing animal stories.
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hahah I named my cat Tweety, she found us about 4 years ago ..I had always had dogs before that but she doesnt like them, she has got neurotic recently, wants to eat all the time, she is inside /outside but seems to want be around us a lot .
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