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Swelling of lips, tongue, and nodes following not eating or crinking we...
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Swelling of lips, tongue, and nodes following not eating or crinking well.

I had a lump in my throat, at least through the entire summer, which went away, after a day of crying episodes, late, last week.

Over the course of this month, I had convinced myself that I was intolerant of certain foodgroups, and that I may have become highly allergic to many additives, which I had eaten only weeks earlier.

I had been exposed to several viruses, without catching any, for sure. I was mainly depressed, nervous, could not concentrate, but I told myself I must not be eating because I was sick. I must not be drinking, because I'm not eating, etc. One excuse built on another, and I became ever more hypochondriacal.

With each, personal aggravation, I lapsed in chores, until I wasn't taking good care of myself. And, I thought of different comforts, which I might get rid of, besides the food and water.

Yesterday afternoon, I read description after description, of a swelling tongue and face being self inflicted and realized that I might be experiencing symptoms of anorexia with anxiety attacks while eating.

I have some improvement in mood after trying to resume 3 square meals a day, for the past day and a half, but the swelling worsens considerably, perhaps as I create more saliva to digest the food.

When a few glasses of water in my stomach doesn't keep my mouth, throat, and nose hydrated enough to pass lymph, the swelling has started to close my airway enough to frighten me. It's eventually helpful to slosh water around, in my mouth, helping my tongue to go down in size, a little bit at a time. This has helped me to breath through my nose, and to fill my lungs better than I have for many weeks.

The occasional, peppermint hardcandy has helped to keep me salivating, once I've had a few glasses of water, already, but a lozenge with sucrose may exacerbate the problem, if I'm not imaging things. It occurs to me that it is most reasonable to sip the water, also, instead of gulping a small glass, as though it is foul medicine.

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I seem to sweat more than normal during such a breathing episode (if I have taken liquids with the food), although I'm attempting to recuperate from long periods of over-exercising.

I would definitely like to hear a reassuring prognosis, but I know that each individual is different, based on their own, changing circumstances.

I know that you may be unable to evaluate my health, but I have a  large, muscular build (over 200lbs and 6'+), and only seemed to have lost ~20lbs of what I would call healthy bodyweight, this being firm muscle.

Do you have any ideas, regarding when these symptoms should subside, provided that I  remain mindful of my habits?
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