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things that always feared me most
I've been going through anxiety depression for over 2 years now and just recently found the right medications after trying prob over 30 different meds. I take 20mg of Prozac and 100mg of Lamictal. I also suffer from BDD and bipolar type 2 , Lamictal works amazing for both of those . I still notice myself sometimes having racing thoughts or fear of having bad thoughts , it made me feel a lot better to read that most humans 78percent have bad thoughts, scary thoughts, racing thoughts its just part of human nature the only differance is "if u fear the thoughts" and have guilt and shame , that's normal. If you don't , that is not . Well made me feel better because obviously anxiety is fearing the thoughts . Lol the other problem I have is nightmares that feel really real , but also that is "normal" too . I write a lot and that help place my thoughts somewhere else other than my my mind , I also don't take doses of stress that are too big for me to handle anymore that was a HUGE problem. And giving into thoughts and stress can create a massive load of anxiety. I at one time and still sometimes suffer from strong sensative overwhelming emotions some call it BPD I call it life , I've learned not to make things a bigger problem than they actually are I do this a lot over analyze, think things to death, and think the worst of things. When I have trouble going to sleep (also) I take 2 benadrlys and that puts me out I suggest that more than ambien, trazadone, or any other sleep medication. Hope this information helps and maybe you can relate just putting it out there if u struggle with any of these problems. Cause I sure have a lot lol :)
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