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Adrenal Fatigue??
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Adrenal Fatigue??

Hey all,

My name is Crystal, and I posted on here awhile back complaining about heart palps, chest pains, increased heart rate, sweaty palms/hands, cold extremities, head jitters/vibrations, electrical sensations in the brain and up and down the spine,  etc. that seem to be attributed now to anxiety and panic, along with an adverse reaction to the Serotonin in Zoloft and other SSRI drugs.

However, I have also been posting on the Neurological forum, and somebody brought to my attention the possibility that I suffer from a condition called Adrenal Fatigue, due to stress and over-use of the adrenal glands. It would explain my unpredictable panic attacks and anxiety, as the adrenal glands control the levels of adrenaline and cortisol released in the body, along with the mood swings I have suffered from for the past several months (I am generally happy, but when something upsets me I get stressed, cry, upset and frustrated easily). Yet I want to know what you all think??

Here is a link comparing the symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue to HypoThyroidism:

Here is another link just briefly mentioning the causes of Adrenal Fatigue:

Please give me your input/advice on this. Thanks!!
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Avatar n tn
im not sure but i have had the sweaty palms and heart racing, and mood swings to where when i feel like this i get mad and aggrivated, i beleive its anxiety, my hands will sweat profusely when i feel like this, my heart will race, i get cold chills....i get white spots on my arms and palms i dont know if you get that, but it sounds like its anxiety for sure...i take paxil for it, and i have had most of these symptons that you are explaining, sounds like anxiety for sure, but you might go to your dr and check, they told me its anxiety and of course put me on the paxil which helps..good luck
183202 tn?1219857259
Hello Ryan,

First of all, I thank you for your response. I do NOT suspect the full disorder, Addison's Disease. I am referring to something more minor and slightly different, namely ADRENAL FATIGUE. It occurs when the person has over time undergone SO much stress that it stresses out/"fatigues" the adrenal glands and insufficient releases of cortisol and adrenaline are released throughout the body, resulting in panic attacks, some fatigue, cold extremeties, low basal body temp., etc.

It is not full-blown Addison's, as you asked me about. Please read the links and let me know what you think. The links were in my first post on here.

It also explains that most sufferers are of the A blood type, and this could just be coincidental, and I know that my blood type is A+. It was just worthwhile looking into, I thought, and I wanted your all's input.

I apologize for my rather abrupt/short responses, but right now the entire house smells of gasoline from some unknown source, and it is causing me to get a headache and gag in my stomache, so forgive me if my responses are rather short and brief for awhile.

183202 tn?1219857259
Thank you for your concern, jgoo (and I have now moved the laptop to another part of the house so I can breathe more easily and not have to be struggling or holding my breath from gagging as I write).

Anyway, the reason that I am now bringing up the possibility that I suspect something else is going on is due mainly to my adverse reactions to the SSRI class of drugs. My Psychiatrist is extremely suspicious with my reaction to the medication, especially since with all of "his years working" he hasn't seen one react so QUICKLY to an SSRI negatively.

When I informed him of the electrical sensations/surges, head jolts and vibrations, as well as tremors and odd head feelings (feeling as though I was about to go into convulsions or my brain would split in two) I would get immediately upon beginning the med., he became suspicious something else could be underlying my panic disorder and attacks, aside from my Mitral Valve Prolapse which I am already aware of.

When I read about Adrenal Fatigue and also how many sufferers sometimes are more sensitive to some meds. as a result, as well as many of the other symptoms that seemed to be explained, I was just wondering if it could be a possibility??

I mean, maybe I am just an oddball and I just have an adverse reaction to serotonin. Or maybe it was too much for my body to handle, so my body reacted physiologically/psychologically with all of the physical problems I had to endure.

I really just don't know, and am throwing things (as Adrenal Fatigue) out there to explain my other symptoms aside from the anxiety and panic as well as my reaction to the SSRI's. It was a first for my Psychiatrist, that was for sure.

I think even HE is at a loss, and he specializes in people suffering from Panic Disorder and GAD. I am taking Lorazepam 2 MG 3X daily (6 MG total), and that is about all I can take esp. with my reaction to the SSRI's.

I still want to find the root of all of this, though. As is it merely Panic Attacks/GAD/Panic Disorder, or is there some underlying problem that the SSRIs are bringing out??? Or was it just too much for my body to handle, and maybe in fact my body is supplying enough serotonin on its own??

Any more thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

183202 tn?1219857259
Hello Ryan.

Thank you for all of your help! You have no idea how appreciative I am with all of the assistance you have given me.

I DO have one other question, though.

Do you suspect I could possibly be suffering from Lyme Disease or some other TBD (tick borne disease)??

It would explain a lot of my odd neurological/physiological reactions while on the SSRI's, as well as the SUDDEN ONSET of Panic Attacks and thus Panic Disorder with no seemingly underlying anxiety, aside from everyday stress while trying to finish school.

I found some articles online about 3 cases of women in PA who suffered from sporatic Panic Attacks and Disorder and the root of the cause was Lyme.

Here is the link to the articles:

Also, here is a link to a PDF file dedicated to Psychiatrists who are dealing with patients with odd symptoms atypical of Panic Disorder or GAD:

Please let me know what you think. Thanks!!

I was given a Lyme Titer test, which came back negative, yet I heard that it is even worse than even the ELISA test for testing for Lyme, so its efficiency in ruling out the disease is null. I heard the Western Blot is more effective...

Yet what do you think?? Do you think it could be lyme?? Should I also mention that to the Psych?? Or should I mention dysautonomia??? Which seems more prevalent to my odd symptoms:

+SUDDEN Severe chest pains and heart palps resulting in panic attacks

+typical panic fear of dying or having a heart attack

+frequent attacks since (daily for awhile after 1st attack)

+numerous ER visits, all told me "only PD or anxiety/stress"

+took Toprol XL for chest palps and pains, helped a little, but problems persisted

+then started Zoloft: shortly before was STILL having SOME bad panic attacks with chest pain

+lst day of Zoloft: SEVERE lightheadedness/wooziness-stopped for a short while

+still experienced chest-related panic attacks and heart palps, so started again


+next day-felt EXTREMELY FATIGUED, could barely bring myself to speak or talk/walk, just NULL all day long/BLAH

+head attacks CONTINUED: one lasted OVER 2 HOURS off and on

+attacks now mainly "head related"-chest problems dissipated/vanished

+attacks later in treatment with Zoloft became DAILY

+STOPPED Zoloft after a month of being on 25 MG COLD TURKEY:

+resulted in WORSE attacks:

+felt as though brain was splitting in two or about to go into convulsions, even though I was completely conscious

+often one-sided attacks-left or right-and it left limbs going numb/no feeling, and even one time my ENTIRE RIGHT LEG KINDA BUCKLED AND WENT LIMP/I COULDN'T MOVE IT!!!

+stroke and seizure like feelings in brain, even though I am completely conscious and aware

+eye twitches/spasms

+random muscle twitches/spasms and tightening

+continued electrical surges up and down spine and in brain

+shaking/tremors??_I start shaking and trembling all over

+feel flushed/hot flashes, then hands grow cold and my body temp. drops

*lightheaded/woozy upon sitting up or standing sometimes (not always)

I AM taking the Lorazepam 2MG TID, and it has helped some in the frequency and severity of the attacks, but I still get them occassionally nonetheless.

Taking a multivitamin and eating better also has seemed to help. I don't get the leg tremors or anything like that anymore, and most of the feelings of seizures or strokes have subsided (for now).

What do you think Ryan?? Any more of your intellect to help me out?? Should I try to see a LLMD (Lyme Legit Doctor) or do you think Dysautonomia is more prevalent for my symptoms???

Also, have you heard of MVPS, also known as MVPD (Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome or Mitral Valve Prolapse Dysautonomia)? What is your input on that as well??
183202 tn?1219857259
First of all, thank you for your response RCA. Yet who can I get to issue me a Western Blot test (as I am already aware the ELISA and Lyme Titer tests are pointless)?? I just want to rule out the possibility of Lyme, and SUCCESSFULLY rule it out with a legit test.

I wish I could just KNOW or have a hunch as to what is going on with me aside from diddly-daddling back and forth between quack doctors who THINK they know what they are talking about. You have no idea how sick of it I really am. :( I think my Psychiatrist is the only one not closest to a quack, along with my second GP.

I already had I don't know now HOW MANY complete Thyroid checkups, which ALL PROVED OUT NEGATIVE AND IN THE CLEAR!! I am SICK of doctors automatically just issuing a THYROID CHECKUP!! I already know now after about 20 tests that my THYROID IS FINE DAMNIT!!! :( So the thyroid (t4, t3, and tsh) tests are all unnecessary...I stopped counting the amount of tests I had for those AGES ago!!

Yet how about dysautonomia then?? Can you provide me with links or proof as to how it relates to my symptoms??? Like the head jitters, leg numbness and tremors, electrical sensations, ya name it??? I would love further info. on it, yet I'd also like to see relevant links with either particular individuals suffering from Dysautonomia who are going through similar or exact situations I am in now or links listing all of the symptoms, etc....

I know there are different types/sorts of dysautonomia, and the only one that SORT OF relates is Mitral Valve Dysautonomia. It does NOT explain the remainder symptoms though, only the chest pains and heart problems and sensations I used to get, along with the Panic Attacks. The head=related symptoms aren't even mentioned or seem to be involved/included. Also, I have still read MANY success stories from patients claiming to have MVPD/MVPS and the SSRI's had no effect on them and benefited them...unless they truly didn't suffer from the Dysautonomia...

Any other links or anything for further assistance to help me out would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much for all of your help so far Ryan!!
183202 tn?1219857259
I am guessing you are a very busy man, but I would still love ALL the information you can provide me with Dysautonomia and the possible symptoms, links or books maybe I can get with further info., how I can get properly diagnosed with it, basically whatever you can provide. I have found this one website based on Mitral Valve Dysautonomia/Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome, and there was a link from their main site called "The Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome Personality" or something like that. and I almost cried when I read much it sounded like me, my struggles with my problems and how I was growing all fit me PERFECTLY.

I have always been a fast talker, a "perfectionist" when it came to schoolwork, and it all described me and some of my symptoms and thoughts to the T. I truly do think Dysautonomia is a cause of my problems, as I was reading somewhere else that during the formation of the mitral valve of the heart in prenatal formation is around the same time the autonomic nervous system develops. So that is why a lot of times they link problems with the mitral valve as linked to problems with the autonomic nervous system (or Dysautonomia), because they believe it to be this defect during prenatal formation to cause prolapsing of the valve, although it is just theory. Deep down inside, I KNEW that somehow my problems had to be linked to my Mitral Valve Prolapse, even if not directly...and the problems I suffered as a teen, in October and even now just all now make sense, as well as my mindset and other factors. I could just never put my finger on it though as to HOW it was related, and now I know...

Thanks Ryan, and I HOPE to hear from you soon with more links, book references, ANY information you can provide for me. Now I am going to take action to help create my OWN cure, instead of listening to doctor quacks telling me it's "just panic attacks and anxiety," even though that IS a symptom. I ALWAYS knew something else was going on...but I couldn't put my finger on WHAT.

So any info. YOU can provide Ryan, as well as perhaps how I can go about receiving proper testing and treatment for it would be greatly appreciated. I think my psych. would think I'M the looney if I told him "look, I have Mitral Valve Prolapse Dysautonomia, and I want the med. to help it." I even MENTIONED it to him once, and he said he knew SOME about it, but not much...then he just kind of PUSHED IT ASIDE. I think I am going to go to my second GP for this one...she was the ONLY one who seemed to suspect something outside of normal anxiety was going on. Even tho the Psych. suggested he thinks something else is going on, I think he would disregard Dysautonomia as the cause, and then probably refuse to listen to what I have to say UNLESS it is Panic or Anxiety related.

ANY help you can provide would be appreciated! Again, thanks SO much!! You are the only other person who suspected Dysautonomia when I considered it awhile back, but since my Psych. shrugged it off so I thought nothing more of it.

Avatar m tn

I was actually diagnosed by a cardiologist with dysautonomia.  He was certain after listening to my symptoms that I would have MVP but I have had many cardio workups (stress tests, echos, ekgs) and there have been no signs of MVP.  He said that it can exist without MVP.

He prescribed Klonopin and Corgard.  It has changed my life.  Here is a link to a thread where I discussed this in detail.

You can also check out

I feel for you and I hope you can get the correct diagnosis.
183202 tn?1219857259
Hello again Ryan. I truly appreciate all of your responses.

You have certainly answered a lot of the questions I was asking thoroughly and intelligently. I do have one remaining question for you, however,

Do you know by chance HOW I can now go about finding a specialist/doctor who knows about Dysautonomia and how to properly treat it. Sure, I could easily go to my doctor and ask for this or that medication, but I'd rather be able to find a doctor (a Psychiatrist, Cardiologist, Neurologist, etc.) who is well versed with Dysautonomia, the types, as well as the proper treatment for the problems and as well as be somebody I can talk to to discuss my problems.

I reside in Maryland, and am uncertain how difficult it will be for me to find such a doctor. Right now I am at a loss. My Psych. specializes in Panic Disorder, GAD, Panic Attacks, and has HEARD of Dysautonomia but doesn't know much about it so wouldn't be able to truly help me out, plus he DISCREDITS all of the readings and findings on Mitral Valve Dysautonomia, so he would not even WANT to provide treatment for it.

My GP, who I saw today, knew NOTHING about Dysautonomia, not ANY varient of it, and just kind of shook her head and seemed at a loss cause. Obviously too since she knew nothing about it, she couldn't provide info. to other doctors who know more about the syndrome/dysfunction.

She did prescribe Inderal for me in case I decide to take it since I told her what YOU TOLD ME, but she was only going by what both you and I had said, and I'd rather find somebody who KNOWS what they are prescribing and whether or not it will benefit me, based on my history, my body type, my current situation, etc....basically one who understands the disorder and is able to work through it with me as well as prescribe meds. when necessary.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated, even where I can START looking!! Thanks so much for all of your help Ryan!!

183202 tn?1219857259
Hello again Ryan. Thank you for the names and information. I made an appointment with the doctor closest to me (in Columbia). He sounded really good, and has even made some appearances in other states to speak about Autonomic Dysfunction and its connection with Panic Attacks/Disorder. There are some articles that he has written about it, and I am trying to find copies of them online.

Unfortunately I cannot get in to see him until August 28th. :( So for now I am stuck with the "shrink" (lol) and my GPs.

Also, I was wondering...but if I DO decide to try to go and see the doc. at the Cleveland Clinic, would I be able to get in sooner or do you think it would be about the same time frame (end of August about)??? For me, the sooner the better, and for the doc. here it seems impossible to get in any sooner...:( EVERYBODY goes to see him since he is the best and only doc. who specializes in Dysautonomia in MD. :(

My GP went ahead and prescribed me Inderal, yet prescribed a higher dosage of 40 mg BID, since I am taking 50 mg daily of the Toprol XL now, and she thought it would be closer to what the dosage of the Toprol was.

Is that dosage correct, and should I go ahead and switch over?? Or do you think taking Inderal 20 mg BID would be about equivalent to the 50 MG Toprol XL once daily??

She (my GP) thought taking 20 MG of Inderal BID would still be cutting it short, and wanted to stay close to the amount I was on with the Toprol.

So what do you think of that??? I am sort of nervous just switching from one drug to another, and I am uncertain about the dosage amount (if 40 MG BID is too much or should I try 20 MG BID)? Also, how exactly do you go about switching from ONE MED TO THE OTHER?? Can I just STOP taking the Toprol XL and start on the Inderal, and if so, WHEN (do I take 50 MG tonight for instance then start on the 40 mg tablets tomorrow morning or tomorrow night??) Or is there any "weening" off of the Toprol while I introduce the Inderal into my system??? I am just so nervous...I don't want to f*** something up even more and cause my ANS to REALLY go out of wack, especially with how sensitive it is right now!!! Oh, and just so ya know....She is the SAME doctor who told me to quit Zoloft cold turkey, and the Zoloft alone caused mayham enough for my poor ANS, but not as much as quiting it cold turkey did!! O-O

Please get back to me ASAP when possible Ryan! Again, thanx for all of your help!!!

183202 tn?1219857259
WOOO HOOO!!! My appointment got moved up to MONDAY!! THIS MONDAY, that's right!!! I am SOOO excited!! I finally wanna get properly diagnosed, and it seems like God is showing me the light!!! I am SOOOO happy!!! You have no idea!! Thanks for ALL of your help Ryan!!! Thank you!!!

Let's just hope your intuition was right and I do have Dysautonomia so I can finally get properly treated for it!! WOO HOOO!!! :D I just FINALLY want to get a CORRECT AND RIGHT diagnosis!! Finally.....It is like a relief to my body and soul!! I will be celebrating all weekend up until Monday, that's for sure!!! XD

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