Adrenalin rushes, how to control them
by quillswriting, Jul 09, 2007
I seem to be getting free floating anxiety attacks, last night I was just chatting with my husband when I noticed the butterflies in my belly for no reason, then I started with palps etc... I could literally feel the adrenalin buzzing round me.  It was quite scary.  

This morning I got it also, my baby son was having a tantrum and I got the butterflies, I felt so wound up, then another attack came on.

This evening I was encouraging my son to crawl as he is just learning, and I started feeling sickly, getting palps again, tightness in my belly, then butterflies etc... then I could feel the adrenalin buzz again!

I am not thinking about anything at the time, they just come on and they occur more than once a day.  I can't control it.  My pulse rate goes nuts, it goes nuts anyway with mild exertion but I did wonder if it goes nuts on exertion because I am scared to exert myself.  Can subconscious thought cause it?  

I know that some days I am fine, then the thought of going up the stairs because of my chronic fatigue and how mild exertion exhausts me, it leads me to psych myself up to walk up the stairs.  If I am standing for a long time while I wait for hubby to lock the doors etc... I can feel it rising, and by the time I'm upstairs and in bed I have palps, strong ones.  It then takes hours to calm down again.

I am not on anxiety meds as the side effects made my other physical symptoms with the supposed CFS worse, I have enquired about hypnotherapy.  But are there any tips on keeping the free floating attacks from coming on?

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by Raine9, Jul 11, 2007
Have you tried yoga or meditation?  I have never tried these techniques myself but know that they are options.  The Linden Method is another med-free route. However, I haven't tried that either.  Wish I could help you more, I too, am looking for a med-free solution to my anxiety.

Good luck!
I would love an answer to that question as well!!  I have been dealing with daily adrenaline rushes and anxiety symptoms for 7 years now, but for the first few years I was convinced that it was something much more than anxiety.  The heart symptoms bother me the most.  At first I had daily heart pounding, really strong powerful beats that would last almost all day.  A few years ago I developed extra beats that at first only occured maybe once a month but recently I have had as many as 50-100 extra beats per day everyday, along with the pounding.  On the really bad days I can feel the adrenaline overload as I call it because it is a constant state of adrenaline rush.  I too fear exerting myself because of the accompanying symptoms, but I've noticed that when I am forced to really active for a few days, like when moving or doing yard clean-up, that I feel reduced symptoms for up to a week afterwards.  But the adrenaline always builds back up.  The question is how do you detox your body from adrenaline overload??  Or stop our body from over producing it??  If we could answer that question we WOULD get better!  I hope you felt better today!
by The_Adrenaline_Master, Apr 16, 2009
Maybe to late but exercise, meditation, and also the red panax ginseng extract is a supplement to controlling adrenaline its the root of ginseng plants, ive taken it and its helped me control my adrenaline, but this was cus i wanted to learn how to harness the power of adrenaline even if its just for a short period of time, but ive learned it helps u control how and when u use adrenaline, also mental hypnosis works somewhat, keep tellin yourself how or what and when u want to use thee energies. trust me its worth it to learn to control them, helps in sports and stressed situations.
by maxiepate, Jul 17, 2009
by SWW13, Sep 30, 2009
If you're on birth control, I would investigate the possibilities of side effects from that.  I was on hormonal birth control for almost a year and developed anxiety and panic attacks from it.  I've been off of it for almost a month and it still comes and goes, but it takes a while to get your body regulated again.  The attacks have definitely been less severe since I've been off of the BC.  
by mayada1, Dec 01, 2010
I am just the same. What i found helps is a similar diet to diabetics. Whole grain, slow release glucuse foods. Make sure you eat frequently throughout the day. A drop in glucose levels triggeres adrenaline release to trigger your liver to release glucose.
I found eating frquently, but less and no instant glucose foods has helped loads
by Jena4massage, Dec 01, 2010
I suffered agoraphobia with my anxiety disorder my senior year of high school. I was on and off meds for about 4 years then I went to school for massage therapy. I learned several techniques for coping with my anxiety including: meditation, yoga, positive affirmations, and regular weekly massages. Since then I have been med free for the past 6 years and it has been wonderful. Not many people realize the difference massage therapy can make, it increases serotonin and dopamine levels naturally, and releases endorphins (natural pain killers) and also relaxes the nervous system. It has worked very well for me. I still get very mild occassional anxiety attacks, but I am able to control them because I understand what is going on in my body and I can self talk my way out of an attack. There is a book called SOS Help for Anxiety, its a great place to start to learn about how to self talk your into a better life.
by jbowe, Dec 01, 2010
does anyone ever have weird electric shocks in head, feeling of not being here. Feeling of internal and external shaking, heart racing and pulsating throughout the body. complete fear of death?
by Focker777, Dec 01, 2010
I do almost every day. I started having extreme symptoms about 3 months ago. I went to the ER 4 times within the first month bc the attacks were so intense. Everytime I went, they said that everything is fine that I was just having a panic attack. My symptoms were odd head sensations, tightness around head, parasthesis in chest, arms, and torso, heart palps, and I wouldn't be able to focus on anything during these attacks. I've also been to regular doctors and everything turns out fine everytime. I have been diagnosed with a panic disorder and I have been going to counselling and taking Zoloft and I feel a lot better. The attacks hardly happen, I sometimes have a "dulled" attack, but I can usually control it and tell myself I'm okay. The "complete fear of death" happens to me too, sometimes I wouldn't want to go to sleep in fear of having a heart attack in my sleep. Sometimes I would think that I have a brain tumor or was having a stroke. I've had CT scans, EKGs, ultrasound of my heart, a stress test for my heart, bloodwork, chest x-rays, the whole nine yards, but everything always turns out fine. You should still see a doctor just in case, but it's probably just panic. If you need help, we're all here for you. :)