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Always imagining different things/diseases that you think you have? Hah...
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Always imagining different things/diseases that you think you have? Haha

Hey, so I often keep thinking that I'm going to die or that I have a really bad illnes, something like cancer or a tumor so  I thought I list up my symptoms that I keep imagining for myself haha and if anybody has symptoms like me that they keep imagining you can list them up here haha

*constantly feeling tired eventho I sleep more than enough
*feeling lightheaded, like my body is really heavy and light at the same time
*getting numb hands,fingers or legs really easy
*thinking that I have a really bad illness just because my side is hurting or something haha (always googeling my symptoms tho)
*feeling like I can't breath, like my troath is closed and something is pushing down on my chest
*whenever I see a movie scene in grey's anatomy or or anything with detailed bloody OP scenes I get a really uncomfortable feeling in my body to the point where I start to think that I have her diesease and I start to panic and I can't watch it anymore
*feeling a really heavy feeling at the back of my head, like something sits on it
*having vein aches, I feel like my veins are hurting or the blood can't get really trough them
*getting bruises really easy
*alway expecting a heartattack at any moment haha
*having a panicattack at the lightest things
*getting shaky hands or fingers, feeling nervous all of a sudden
*feel like I'm going to get eyecancer because my eye hurts really often hahaha
*having a stomach ache out of nowhere for a few hours
*feeling extremly hot and in the next moment feeling extremly cold
*whenever I try to force myself to sleep, I start to panic again
*always having some kind of pain, often on my back or on my chest or jaw
*thinking that my ears are bleeding from the inside just because they feel weird lol

Yeah so hahaha that's all I could think of at the moment, so do any of you think the same way as me? Like do you also imagine some symptom's that you have eventho you know it's all just in your head? And sorry for my bad english haha
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You should probably consult your physician about all this.  Not sure if this is psychological or physical.
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