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Am I going crazy?
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Am I going crazy?

Lately I have been having thoughts that cause me anxiety almost to the point of despair or insanity.  It is like I become so conscious of everything that is going on that I can't focus, or that I am trying so hard to focus, all I think about is focusing (if that makes any sense).  For instance, yesterday I was listening to a person who was talking to me, and I started to get so focused on her words that I was no longer hearing her or making sense of what she was saying.  Or last night, I was lying in bed and started thinking about thinking, rather than just letting it happen.  As a result my heart rate goes up and I break into a sweat and I can't sleep.  I had to get up and read just in order to distract myself.  What is particularly troubling is that now I have an anxiety about this happening and I have to work really hard to distract myself or just to let thinking and communication "happen".  Do I need to check myself into a psych ward?  Are there meds for this?
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Hi Babyboots

Welcome to the boards. Im sure you will find a lof of people here with similar experiences as you!
Let me just assure you that you are not going crazy. This is called "depersonalization" feeling out of body, detached from whats around you, loss of focus etc and it is one of the most common of many anxiety symptoms. There are many different medications out there that can help ease the anxiety and talk or cognetive therapy could be extremely beneficial.
Its great you know that distracting yourself from thinking about the anxiety/feelings helps. When you focus on the sensations they only become greater.
I would suggest you make an appt to see your GP tell him/her you think you are suffering from anxiety, get a little check up just to rule out anything more. They also might give you a little somethign to help take the edge off. But from there I sugegst seeking a Psych Dr if you wish to seek therapy or Meds.
Again, welcome and keep us posted on how you are doing.

Be Well

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