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Anxiety & Heart Rate

Can anyone tell me what your heart rate can get up to during a panic attack? Also are their certains foods you should stay away from when you have anxiety?  Thanks
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Im new to this but i was told stay away from caffeine...also i went to the Er wed because it felt like my heart was beating out of my pulse was 123.I have seen people on this forum say there heart rate was up in the 140's
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Hello there,

While there are foods you should avoid like caffeine i think there are more foods you should be taking for their benefits on anxiety.

Healthy diet with proper nutriments, vitamins, minerals intake is very important for proper physical and mental health and well-being.

I strongly suggest you take multi-vitamins and minerals complex along with supplements like Green+ or SuperFoodRX accompanied with a healthy diet. Today's processed food and lack of information on how food affect your physiology and psychology are one of the many reasons we see mental and physical illness rising. Processed foods, pesticides etc are a good reason why most of the people have a lack of nutriments and vitamins/minerals therefore this is why i strongly suggest vitamins/minerals and superfoods supplements. Superfoods are foods that contain high amount of nutriments, vitamins and minerals and have antioxidant and many more proprieties. You must know that there are also natural anti-anxiety remedies and supplements available.

Food not to be avoided and included in your diet:

-Wholegrain foods
-Brown rice
-Cottage Cheese
-Skimmed milk or try replacing milk with soy milk
-Fresh fish
-Poached Egg
-Baked potato
-Peanut butter

Along with a proper diet i suggest physical activity on a regular basis.

The suggestions stated above not only will help your anxiety but are proven to be extremely useful in the prevention of cancer.

If you are taking any medication you must talk with your doctor prior trying any of the suggestion stated above.

Best regards,
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Since the above poster did not bother to address the main concerns of either of you, I can tell you that heart rates can, indeed, reach pretty scary rates during a panic attack. Normal heart rates range between 60-100 bpm (beats per minute) I don't know if anyone has kept records of what the highest rate has been. And as with so many other things that are highly individualized, what our own heart rates climb to during an attack will vary. There is no "norm" in other words.
To "iluvmylil," that your HR went up to 123bpm might not have been that frightening if your resting HR is, say, 88bpm. An increase of 35bpm, while it obviously scared you enough to go to the ER, posed absolutely no danger to your heart. Think of times when you are not anxious but are very physically active, say out dancing. It's my guess that your heart rate climbs higher than 123bpm but because you're having fun and not thinking about your heart, you don't rush off to the ER, you go our for another dance! If you're doing yardwork or even housework, your HR will often climb. Do you like roller coasters or other rides at the park? When you get back to ground level, is your heart pounding? Probably. But you're laughing, even tho you may have just been "scared to death."
Part of the problem with anxiety is that our hearts will pound for what we perceive as no reason, when in fact there are very real reasons, one is hyperventalation and another is adrenalin. Both of these will increase our heart rates. When we feel our heart rates climb, we get scared and what happens when we get scared? Our heart rates go even higher. Vicious cycle. To break it we need to learn to get our breathing back under control.
There are some good ways to do this. It is very easy to learn good breathing techniques using Yoga. There are many good books and websites that can easily teach you these techniqus in minutes. Another method is to "rebreath" into a small paper bag held over your nose and mouth. This will restore the balance of carbon dioxide that gets thrown out of whack from hyperventilating. This method does not work for everybody as someone with a bit of claustraphobia will find it nearly impossible to hold the bag in place long enough for the balance to be restored. I usually use this method as I will begin to calm down as soon as I see the bag inflate and deflate at slower and slower rates. When that happens, I notice immediately that my heart rate is slowing down........I am breaking the cycle!
Heart rates in the 140's and even higher happens. But nobodies heart ever "blow ups" from panic attacks. You would pass out before that happened and your heart rate would return to normal quickly.
Those of us with panic focus on our heart rates so often and it's why I always tell people to learn a breathing technique they are comfortable with and practice it frequently so when the attack hits, you can begin to take control, which is so important.
Sorry for the length of this, I'm practicing writing a novel................
Hope somewhere in all that I got your concerns addressed.
Oh yeah, and don't forget your veggies!
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When they hooked me up to the monitors my resting heart rate when laying down on the bed was around did indeed scare me enough to go to the er because of ALL the other symptoms i was having.
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Thanks for all the info, I had 3 er visits back in august where my heart rate went up to 140, twice the emts were able to record it. I have had many many tests for my heart, and other tests and nothing has been found thats why I now think maybe they were panic attacks. I still have other issues going on such as a hiatal hernia, and occasionally I get times where I feel like everything gets really heavy and almost like a lightheadness for a few seconds but then it passes. But I thibk my heart racing was from a panic attack and now we have to see what else is going on. Thanks again for the info its very helpful.
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