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Anxiety and sharp pains
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Anxiety and sharp pains

Can anxiety cause sharp shooting pains in the chest that come out of no where? I have been tested for my heart many times, all tests come back negative. Many people keep saying that all my symptoms are from anxiety, heart racing, shortness of breath, chest pressure, tightness in throat. The shooting pains though have me the most concerned because I feel them on the left side of my chest so I keep going back to that its my heart. Does anyone get the same thing? any suggestions? Thanks
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Hello there,


''I have been tested for my heart many times, all tests come back negative.''

Why do you keep asking? Anyway i may give you some clues that it's all anxiety again.

It doesn't matter if the pain is left or right, up and down or whatever. Heart related problems are causing a pressure and or very uncomfortable pain in the center of the chest ( sternum ) and are often accompanied with other symptoms. ( Please don't start manifesting those symptoms lol )

If you insist you can always ask for some blood test ( if you haven't done them yet ) to detect abnormal levels of certain enzymes that might be related to heart condition.

But here again i strongly believe your symptoms are all anxiety related. Anxiety is a very curable condition that you should work with a qualified therapist. You can always send me a private message if you want to know what i have in my bad of tricks.

Best regards,
I have had similar issues for the last 9 months and counting.  Ive had all kinds of heart tests and many other tests.  Cant find anything physically wrong with me.  The more busy i am the less pain and discomfort i experience.  

I guess its just anxiety.  I wish it would all go away!!  

i hope you feel better knowing that you are not alone.  

Hope you feel better and good luck.
hey there
ive had chest pain on my left side on and off now for 15 years.
the first one came on soo suddenly and i couldnt breath because the pain was heaps worse. it was midnight and i just couldnt sleep. the more i thought about it the worse it got.
i had tests done the next day and nothing was detected.
so 15 years on and now i have them nearly everyday but no where near a server. one doc said it was to do with a muscle connected to the rib cage- who really knows.. it just comes and goes.. ive learnt to live with it- put it down to anxiety.. now only to learn to live with my anxiety and the tension that comes with that.... thats a whole other ball game...

good luck
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