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Anxiety or Major Health Problem

Hello, Here's my story. I'm Male 22

My life was going pretty smoothly (university, gym, etc) until I got sick in late October and early November with some very bad viral infection. First Doctors gave me antibiotics for 2 weeks which never helped.

So had blood test and doctor came to conclusion that it is viral infection and will go away. When I was antibiotics (Z-pack) I had so much anxiety about my health and even had my first ever very scary anxiety attack that led me to E.R.

Since then I am not feeling myself. I have been examined by 5 different doctors and have had drawn blood test 4 different times and also had ECG 2 times.

Doctors keep on saying its virus or stress.
My body is feeling so weak everyday, no energy at all, no concentration, sometimes it feels someone is squeezing my body (scary), palpitations, irregular heart beat and occasional lightheadedness.
Very weird feeling like some one tickling above my forehead.
When I walk it feels I am so light with no energy and will fall.

Even my family doctor have just like given up. She has performed variety of blood tests and nothing comes up.

Since last month I had 2 trips to E.R...due to severe weakness and feeling of passing out.

Doctor perform several tests and don't find anything. Today I had an appointment with specialist he saw my ECG and said its normal and also thinks its a lot related to anxiety.

Please tell me if anxiety can cause physical weakness and feeling so light and lack of focus problems ??

I mean nothing shows in Complete Blood Count or Blood chemistry test.
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Avatar n tn
hi there,
i was in the same boat as you, i did space cake and had a masve panic attack, then got an ear infection and i thought i was going to die i thought it wasa brain tumor or something. its anxiety mate, ive had it for 6 months ive had exactly what you have got, still do and alot more. if you keep feeling like this you will get more and more symptoms making you worse. just believe the doctors you have to
i hope this helps
Avatar f tn
I have had and still do have the same issues. Mine started 2 years ago with a head cold and dizziness, and here I am. I have feelings of weakness and lightheadedness daily, sometimes for days. I find that it all follows a period of stress, even minor periods. I too have been to the ER with periods of weakness and lightheadedness with nothing coming up. It is frustrating, but it could just all be anxiety.
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I've had this problem for a couple years
now, I'll explain my sleeping problems first but I
want to tell everyone basically what anxiety has been
like since I've had it. The worse thing for anyone
with Anxiety is to have no one that can understand
things you feel and have similar problems. I Will
probably post this same post in a more suitable thread
over time, sorry for being a little off topic on this
one but Anxiety is Anxiety.

----ABOUT ME-------

Before I Explain my anxiety problems I want you guys

to know I am only 16, I am a male.

THROUGH VERY ROUGH TIMES  (I'll be 17 in january)
years old.

-----> I weigh probably about 140 and I'm 5"4 or 5"5
and I've had anxiety problems ever since I was 14 or
15. My parents have always called me a hypochondriac
because I worry about the littlest things and they're
right, I have been worrying about dieing ever since I
was 7, (OR YOUNGER!) I remember when I was really
little id always ask my mom every night if i was going
to die because it would always make me feel better, i
liked it when she laughed about it too because it made
me feel like i was worrying about nothing. But I never
had anxiety problems than I was just scared.
Avatar m tn
----------------SLEEPING PROBLEMS-------------------  
   Well for my sleeping issues this is probably the
biggest problems anxiety has ever gave me. I have a
hard time sleeping at night, I CAN'T sleep without
sleeping pills every night. If I don't take my
medicine(I've tried a few times) I get jerking
feelings too, it feels that the closer I am to just
dozing off the closer I am to just having to jump up
really quick, I always described it as it felt like my
heart twitched or something, and I also kind of have a
feeling it has to do with adrenaline. Usually when I
get these its not just in my chest, It usually shoots
down my leg most of the time, or sometimes through my
hole chest. I also get rapid heart beats that last for
like 5-10 seconds than just beat like normal, This
also happens after I yawn a lot of times too, but it
does happen randomly a lot too. And when this happens
I do not have to be thinking about anything that's
making me nervous(it is really bad when this starts to
happen). I've been feeling something new for the last
few weeks too, It seems like during night time when I
just relax and play on the computer and stuff I get
like random beats in my chest, and its not always in
my heart area a lot of the time its in my right side.
When I sleep I ALWAYS have to sleep on my right side
because when I sleep on my left side i always get
pains in my chest, and if i would happen to fall
asleep on my left side(after doing this a few times i
realized laying this way was causing the pain so i
never do that anymore) I would wake up with horrible
pain in my arms, chest, stomach it felt like it was
numb kind of but dull pain at the same time.
When I first started to have anxiety problems I
couldn't sleep for 2 days, on the 3rd day I finally
passed out(Thank god) but woke up less than 5 hours
later so I couldn't handle it anymore, I had went to
the docter a couple days ago before this and he gave
me "Buspar" for my anxiety, he said it would help me,
and it does, it just doesn't help me sleep. When I
went he could tell I looked horrible and needed sleep
so he gave me 1 prescription of xanxex until my buspar
started to work because it takes time for long term
meds like that to start working.
Right now I am doing better than I used to for sure
though, I am currently taking 2 Clonidines and 10 MG
of buspar right before i go to bed, I am trying to cut
down on my medicine becuase I dont want to take it for
the rest of my life. I asked him if he'd cut my 15 MG
to 10MG and hes going to go along with it for me.
After I take my medicine I usually HAVE to try and
sleep after about 15 minutes because once my medicine
kicks in and im not trying to relax it sometimes
doesn't kick in or sometimes it does but im trying to
do something and after it wears off after about 30
mins if I try to sleep I won't be able to and I end up
just staying up for the rest of the night.
I know most of you probably don't want to know this
but I'm sure someone out there knows what I mean.
Usually when I'm trying to sleep or something I put
one of my hands down my pants or something(MOST GUYS
DO THIS) And with these rush's I get now, The Rush
goes straight to my private area. If anyone else has
experienced this let me know please.


I'm going to be straight out honest on this post, I
know a lot of you guys wouldn't say a lot of stuff
like this but Its all true and if you can relate to
ANY of this please contact me(I have messenger screen
names at the top)

1. I'm not really sure about this one but my counseler
seems to be pretty conserned about this But I think I
was -NEGLECTED- a lot when I was a little kid (my
grandma told him I was), I don't really remember a lot
of it but it may have happened. Even if I don't
remember it there are probably memories somewhere in
my mind that keeps reminding me. My docter seems to
think that as well.

2. When I was about 13 or 14 I started to -SMOKE WEED-
all the time, I was basically high every day all day
for like 2 years straight. Fun times. But now not so
fun times. My first panic attack was right after I
smoked weed, But I had smoked weed for like 2 years
before that day and been fine, before my major panic
attack I did kind of get chest pains and stuff for a
while though so I kind of had an idea. Ever since that
first attack I never touched weed for atleast 6
months, My chest pounded so hard on that attack I
thought it was going to explode, than it was really
sore and had lots of dull and sharp pains for a few

3.Another major thing was that I never talked to a lot
of people. I had very few friends, and -BARELY EVER-
TALKED in school. Before I went in 7th grade I used to
be kind of popular, stronger than just about everyone
and pretty outgoing. I got in trouble though and it is
really embarassing(This is the only thing I don't
really want to mention) But anyways when I got in
trouble they took it very seriously, & I got expelled
for the year, but they let me in within 3 months
because they kind of knew im not a very violent
person, I try to be nice to everyone. But ever since
that happened I was the center of attention and that
botherd me. Than after that I never really knew what
would happen when I went to school & I would worry
about it.
4.Probably should put this was 3 but Its kind of
diffrent but another big thing i messed up doing was
just wasteing life. I didn't want to talk to anyone, I
was constantly worried about what people thought of
me, So I basically just said screw the world and I
played on the computer 24/7 EVERYDAY for about 3
years, and yes I mean litterly everyday, I would wake
up get on PC  Eat and go to bed and do the same thing
everyday, hardely ever went outside unless I was going
to school.
EFFECT OF THIS I THINK = I didn't really talk to
anyone for a long time(i talked to people but just
when somebody asked me something in school or
something, and of course i talk to my parents) So after
3 years of not talking I kind of forgot how to
communicate with people normally. Whenever I try to
just make a decent conversation I stutter nearly every
time unless its someone I'm close to and am used to
talking to. I get nervous about what I say to people
because I don't want to say the wrong things.
Avatar m tn

#1.Sometimes I convince myself that I think my heart
is just going to stop beating for no reason.
#2.I worry about taking my medicne too because If I
have to take it for the rest of my life It will probly
eat up my liver eventually but If I don't take it I
feel uncompleted and wont be able to sleep
#3. I constantly think I have something wrong with my
heart because of the weird feelings I get in my chest area.
#4. If something hurts on my body I think about it a
lot and I think of the worse things it could be.
#5. Scared to get cancer
#6. I worry about what people think about me or how
people judge me even if they are just thinking about
you in their minds.
#7. A lot of attention, I cannot stand a lot of
attention, when a lot of eyeballs are looking at me my
nerves go crazy because I cant stop thinking about
what they might be saying to themselves.
#8. People saying negitive stuff to their friends
about me.
#9.My fast heart rate
#10. SPIDERS@!
#11 sometimes I think I'm the only person in the world
who feels the things I do

@@@@@@@@@-DEALING WITH MY ANXIETY-@@@@@@@@

~Things I do(or used to) to help myself(THESE ARE


#1. Avoid talking to people
#2. Avoid loud people who might yell my name or something
#3.Use any kind of opiate related drug before I have to read a speech or something to the class
#4. Do not ask questions in most classes
#5 Rely on my medicine

--SUPPOSE TO DO(Or I want to do)---
#2. Join a group of people with anxiety problems
#3. Try alternative methods to get rid of Anxiety before taking pills
#4 Try to focus on something fun or something that keeps you from thinking a lot about bad thoughts.
#5 See a docter
#6 Exercise can help too


Hospital ********:
If you have something like what I have and you have
psysical pain from it and you are pretty sure it is
from stress and you go to the hospital, they might
just tell you to stop worrying so much, THIS PISSES ME

My thoughts: GO SEE SOMEBODY ELSE, If a docter tells
you this, He doesn't understand what your dealing
with. Only people with Anxiety problems or people who
have had it before can truely understand how you feel.
My psychiatrist understands me pretty good because He
had really bad anxiety problems as well when he was
younger. Anxiety is real he tells me that all the time
and its true ANXIETY IS REAL.

================PANIC ATTACKS=====================

Everyone's panic attacks are different, Some people
cant breathe, some people have bad chest pain, Some
people cant sit still, and some people just go crazy
and start freaking out.
When I have a panic attack it was very painful, I dont
have trouble breathing(I'm talking about Major Panic
Attacks, Minor Panic attacks are not very bad compared
to these)But my chest hurts very bad. My first panic
attack started off with my heart beating really
hard,and fast, Than it was a heart beat I never felt
before, It was beating hard, but it felt like i could
feel every muscle move that was in my heart, it felt
like a stick was going in and out of my heart,
litterly. I was sweating really bad and my hands and
feet were going numb and I felt a sharp pain shooting
from my heart to my leg. After that attack(it lasted
about 2 hours and it was torture i seriously didnt
know if i was going to live after that day and
thinking about that just made it last even longer, and
when you try not to think about it, you think even
more about it, its an everlasting cycle, it is probly
pretty much the same thing as a heart attack (pain
wise) my chest hurted for almost 3 weeks after that
probably because of how hard my heart worked during
that time.

Sometimes I feel like I would be better off living in a hospital where I could be sure I was safe 24/7. It would feel like the world was spinning but I wasn't a part of it

If you read all of this thank you for taking your time
to do so this is basically my life of anxiety.



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