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Anxiety? or symptoms of brain tumor? - extremely concerned
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Anxiety? or symptoms of brain tumor? - extremely concerned

For the past few months (Since before Christmas) I have been suffering from a range of different symptoms. At first, these symptoms were:

Numbness in the left side of face and head, sometimes both sides and rarely the right side
Crawling/tingling in left side of face or head
Twitching in the right eye
Feeling of panic and hyperactivity
Fast heartbeat at times, but not always
Headaches on one side of head (can vary which side is affected)
Pressure feeling in the left side of head, sometimes, but rarely the other side
feeling of being unbalanced when standing sometimes (not always)
Trembling in hands (mostly when panicking, but sometimes randomly)

i find myself constantly grinding my jaw or biting the skin off my thumbs when panicking or worrying about the symptoms

Poor appetite, only interested in sweet foods or chocolate

I went to a Neurologist, who diagnosed me with Anxiety. Since then, my doctor started me on medication to help me sleep, and calm me down. The symptoms have hugely decreased since this and now I only have a few concerns, but I also have some new symptoms also. Such as:

Lack of sensation in the left lower leg
Random twitching in body parts (can be either side of body)
Numbness across the chest (both sides) and towards the left shoulder and arm
VERY rarely pressure or numbness in the left face or head (still sometimes the other side)
VERY rarely feeling of panic
Finding it hard to focus on something without eyes twitching or moving sometimes (not always)
Trembling in hands (not always)
Sharp pains sometimes in random places of the head
Sometimes get sharp chest pains in the left side
feeling of being unbalanced when standing (can also happen whilst sitting)
I have rather large red veins showing towards the back of each eye
Sharp chest pains on the left side which usually only last a  few seconds when they occur
Feeling of having a "heavy head" and tiredness all the time (like I cant be bothered to stand and move around)

i find myself constantly grinding my jaw or biting the skin off my thumbs when panicking or worrying about the symptoms

I also sometimes see "floaters" (like tiny sparks that you see in the corner of your eye). But this is VERY rare.

Recently, I had an episode where I felt a sudden rush of adrenaline and pressure in the back of my head, I felt my heart beat slow down extremely, before then speeding back up again quite fast. This only lasted for a few seconds and then went away.

The symptoms seem to mostly start when I am around many people, or when in an uncomfortable situation. And seem to be non-existent when I am doing something of interest. Sometimes, the sensations and symptoms can continue for up to about half an hour before they go away. My neurologist said that she does not believe that there is a brain tumor, because if this was the case, then the symptoms would only affect one side of the body, but my symptoms can affect both sides.

Also, I have had episodes where the symptoms seem to mostly happen after ive been running or doing anything that raises my heart rate.

When talking to someone i do not know, I sometimes get like a rush of tingling throughout my entire head and sometimes the sides of my face, this ONLY seems to occur when talking to someone i dont know for some reason.

I always seem to have a high heart rate when thinking about the symptoms, and I am ALWAYS finding myself thinking about death, and being paranoid that I am going to die of a brain tumor. I am VERY concered ALL the time, always assuming i have a brain tumor.
I went on holiday recently, and the symptoms were a lot worse after being on the plane home, I had a lot of pressure in my left side of my head, dizziness, feeling of being unbalanced (mostly when standing or walking) and sharp pains in my head, mostly on the left, which can be relieved by applying pressure to my neck muscles and massaging them.

When I run, I can hear some sort of "clicking" noise towards the right hand side of my head, this also makes me panic.

My first question is, was my neurologist correct to say that my symptoms would only affect one side of my body if there was a brain tumor?

And my second question is, Are these symptoms purely anxiety and nothing to worry about?

If it helps, I am a 16 year old male, 5ft 3 inches tall, weighing approximately 119 pounds. Never smoked and rarely drink alcohol (3 - 4 times per year)

I suffer from ADHD, ODD, OCD and traces of aspergers syndrome which I am taking Strattera for, and I am also taking medication to help relax me, I beleive it is called "Chllonadine" or something similar.

My GP did a test where I stood with my feet together, arms to the side and eyes closed - he said that was fine, he also looked in my eyes and ears and found no problems. I have not yet had blood tests or brain scans done my my neurologist or GP.

I am exceptionally concerned and just want to live a "normal" life, but the symptoms seem to be bothering me exceptionally.
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1392179 tn?1280141662
it can be axiety, am no doctor, but i have had OCD and harsh Axiety for the past 4 years and am 21 and i been through things. ( heart problems, brain problems, dizzyiness, cant breathe, heary making weird beats, cant sleep, numbness in legs and fingers, shaking, ER about 3 times) everything came back negative. but if i was in your place i go to the doctor asap or ER would be better. i wouldnt call 911 i would just drive myself there....even tho the waiting takes 6 hrs over hear. good luck
Avatar f tn

I'm no doctor either, just a 50 year old woman who has suffered on and off with anxiety attacks over the past 15 years.  After having only a handful of panic attacks over the past six years, they have recently returned.  They are more frequent, more intense, and have many more syptoms (symptoms) than the panic attacks in the past.

Many of the symptoms you are describing as far as clicking, tingling, numbness, and pressure in your head, as well as twitching and floaters in your eyes were many of the synmptoms I experienced as well in addition to the normal anxiety symptoms we all suffer from.

I found a post on this very website where someone was suffering from a lot of visual disturbances with her panic attacks and went to a chiropractor and found out that if your C1 and C2 are out of alignment, it can cause many of the symptoms you and I are having.  I just went to my chiropractor this past Friday and I feel like he saved my life.  I was way out of alignment and after accupuncture, a neck adjustment, and a mid back adjustment, I felt like a new person.

The eye pain went away within one hour.  The anxiousness is slowly leaving my body, and the pressure in my head is not nearly as bad as it was.  I am going back to see him three times next week for continued treatment until hopefully he can get my body back in alignment again.

He explained to me that when your C1 and C2 are so far out of alignment it can cause all those symptoms I was having as well as sending the fight or flight response trigger to the brain which as we all know triggers a panic attack in people like us that already suffer from them.  

My chiropractor saved me from what I think was the verge of a nervous breakdown as my anxiety level had gotten so high.  I'm not saying it is the answer for everyone, but it just might help alleviate some of what is going on with you right now.

Good luck to you.

1392179 tn?1280141662
tell us what medicine you take, and the dosage
Avatar f tn
I am 18 I have been having weird feelings towards the right side of my head beside my eye and behind my right ear feels painful at times but not all the time what could this be ?I also have strange feeling in my right hand at times.I am so worried can someone please help me
Avatar f tn
I have the same things. Random episodes. When I'm working.drinving.sleeping. I get breathless feel nervous unable to focus. Like I need to sit down. Or i could faint. Twitching flashes in my left eye. I look down if I'm grabbing something I can't see what I'm grabbing. WHAT IS THIS??
Avatar m tn
I too have the same things going on with me. I have a very good Dr. but sometimes have thought "they have to be missing something". Mine started after I lost my Dad almost 10 yrs ago. But I do have a bad back, scoliosis and arthritis in 3 spots. Maybe this is what he is missing? I don;t know but will be sure to have it checked out. Thank You so much for the advice! I know others who have anxiety/panic attacks but mine seem different and/or more severe. I have been on meds for several years and really would like to either cut down on them or go without them. This just might hopefully be my answer! It would feel great to know finally what the problem is, if this is what it is :) Prayers that you are feeling better now :)
Avatar f tn
Hi, im experiencing the exact same stuff. I've struggled with depression and anxiety for several years but have just started having symptoms similar to yours. Did you ever get answers?
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