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Anxiety over rectal issue. Anyone Help?
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Anxiety over rectal issue. Anyone Help?

26 male. Anxiety sufferer. Over the past few months, I have been getting my anxiety under control. Not freaking myself out over things that normally would. etc. I am no longer on medications either.

At the moment, my anxiety isnt too bad, but its lingering... This is very embarrassing, but here it goes....

A couple of days ago (Saturday Night) I crawled into bed, and noticed I was having a discomfort in my rectum area. At first I thought it was my tailbone aching or something... realized it was my rectum. It just felt like pressure or something. I was so tired, and fell asleep...

The next day (Sunday) was fine! I totally forgot about it. Well, Sunday night after my shower, I crawled into bed, and started having the discomfort again. I didnt sleep at all that night...

Monday I woke up and went to work, and was still having this feeling... it was hard for me to sit still in my seat... the longer I sat... the more uncomfortable I got... I started to panic a little bit thinking "what the heck is wrong with me?"

I called my mother, and she said it sounds like an internal hemorroid. But I have no itching or burning... just this PRESSURE feeling if you will... like my anal muscle is pushing but its not!? It's hard to describe...

Another way to describe it is as if I have been sitting on a hard bicycle seat all day, and my rectum is sore on the inside. Or it feels like I've been sitting on a golf ball all day, or it feels as if there could be a golf ball up in there. lol.

I have not been constipated... although some of my stools have been a little on the dry side, which do sometimes requiring more pushing...

I checked myself out in a mirror, and couldnt see anything on the outside...

I called nurses hotline, and the nurse said to 1st try peperation H. And so I bought the bottle that you insert... and that didnt seem to help too much...

I did sleep good lastnight... and the pressure has been a LITTLE more bearable today than yesterday/last night.

I called my Dr. today and he's supposed to call me back to talk to me about it...

As an anxiety sufferer, I worry THE WORST!

I automatically think "oh man! its gonna be anal cancer! or prostate cancer! etc."

The nurse on the phone last night said "rest assure, if it was cancer, you would be bleeding." And I'm not bleeding.

Any thoughts guys!? Thanks so much.
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Hi cnote! Haven't seen you around for awhile. Sounds like you're doing great, but now you have some concern regarding your rectal area.
I think you have done everything right so far. Trying the Prep H was a good idea, but if you got no relief, then it's likely not hemorrhoids, especially if you don't experience a little bleeding with a BM or itching. This does not mean it absolutely cannot be hemorrhoids, it's just pretty normal to have itching, pain upon having a BM and possibly some blood on your stool if  'roids are the culprits.
Speaking of bowel movements, you said you had some "dry stools that required some pushing." It's possible that even tho you are passing SOME stool, you could have a bit of a "log jam" higher up in your colon that just isn't moving along as it should. That would and could cause the type of discomfort you're feeling.
There are some things you could try but I think it best to discuss this with your doctor and let him make any suggestions. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about and like the nurse you spoke to said, if you had colon cancer, you would be bleeding and not just the tiny spot a hemorrhoid would cause. And besides, colon cancer in someone your age is extremely rare, almost unheard of. Please don't let your mind go there!
Talk to your doctor and I'm sure he will put your mind totally to rest.
Let us know what you find out, OK?
(Stop by more often! We miss you!)

thanks so much for responding!!!

Yeah, im not sure what it is... my dr. called me today, and he was so glad to hear that i was working out, and not having anxiety... he said for me to continue to call him 1st before making an appt. He said he wont charge me to tell me not to worry over the phone. lol. what a good guy.

He did say that it sounds like a possible internal hemorrhoid... he said sometime they dont bleed or itch... he also said it could be a muscle spasm causing this discomfort/pressure.

He just said to not worry about it, and if its still bothering me by monday of next week to see him.


taking hot baths seems to help some for a while! then when im standing up a lot or sitting a lot... then the pressure feeling comes back.

and about the stools... yes some are harder to pass... but wouldnt the "lodged" stuff come out with the rest? lol.

I was also thinking it was an internal hemorrhoid, and they won't itch or bleed unless they are irritated.  If you have had hard stool, it will not only irritate the hemorrhoids but cause them from straining to go. Try a stool softener because stool can become impacted and this will help it pass. Impacted stool remains in the colon and other stool just goes around it. Sometimes an enema will give quick relief.  Miralax is very good, and most recommended by the docs.  I'm sure once you take this for several days, the pressure will subside.  
My husband's internal hemorrhoids never itched or burned, he described it as pressure and a "puckering feeling". Prep h, tucks, and other otc meds didn't help, oddly enough his specialist put him on a high fiber diet which worked wonders.I'm sure your dr will figure out what's up.
hmf099 Holy cow! That describes the feeling perfectly!!! Pressure and the feeling of constant "puckering". like its pushing a little put its not!? I'll get on a high fiber diet asap. lol. Thanks so much!!!

Feeling a little better today... been using a heating pad some... and trying to avoid sitting as much as possible at work.
dude, (bum)  issues again! hope you are doing ok! Again I would suggest you not call your Dr. for these issues, you have from previous post proven repeatly that (100%) your thoughts of something wrong with you, have in fact been wrong!

Everytime you have a issue (forget the cost factor) your brain is preceiving DANGER, when no danger is present, then you call your Dr. and you are telling yourself , yes there is danger, which can only make your anxiety worse. unless you have some other medical issues your not posting, you are a healthy young man. take care , Samuel

You are right, I do tend to make things worse than what they are... I have having lower back pain with this too...

That there is making me think now that it could be muscle spasms in my lower back near my sacrum/coccyx also making my rectum muscles spasm as well?

Or it could still be something like an internal hemorrhoid.

It hasnt went away yet... it's been 3 days now... should I still wait it out?

Again, it feels like my rectum is constantly pushing/puckering and there is pressure in my rectum. I am not constipated... but I have noticed the pressure feeling does kind of feel better after I have a bowel movement.

its not painful per say, but it is very uncomfortable feeling like this all day!!! And my tail bone/lower back muscles are tense and hurt... Feels like ive been sitting on a dang bicycle all day... and my bones/rectum area are sore from it. IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!

It does feel a little better when I'm up and walking around... but can still feel the pressure some... but when im sitting down.. it seems to get more intense... and my talk bone/lower back get sore too.

I keep fearing its cancer or something... like prostate cancer... because sometimes the muscle between my rectum and my scrotum feels pressure too.

Again, I'm only 26 male... pretty good health... i have been exercising for about 2 months now every other day... may not drink as much water as i should... but i do eat good... over all im in good health!

I'm too young to have prostate cancer right!!??

thanks guys! The dr. said if its not feeling better by Monday to call him and come in and see him... PRAYING this alleviates before then...

Is it possible to have rectal muscle spasms? and for this long?
Feeling a little better today!! Yay!!! My tailbone area is really sore though...

I'm really thinking now, I probably injured myself somehow... probably from working on last saturday...

Even though I didn't work out my legs at all... i did do a lot of bench press and butterflies... and worked out my back.

I'm SURE you can still strain something down there muscle wise... even if you are not working out those muscles per say.

I'm going to continue stretching a lot today while at work... not sit too much. I brought a special pad to sit on today to take some pressure off my sacrum/coccyx/tailbone area.

I think I can quit worrying now... =)

Because I can 100% say, I am feeling MUCH better today than yesterday and the day before etc. etc.

So it MUST be getting BETTER and not worse.

I can't believe I give myself so much anxiety over these things.

Wow cnote. You are me. I have exactly the same feeling/symptoms,  I suffer from anxiety,  and constantly believe I have anal cancer or prostate cancer. Did you ever find out what this was? You describe it every way I describe it. This is so weird. It is like I wrote your post. Lol
This is so old. Ended up being benzo withdrawal. Ativan to be exact. After getting off all benzos all anxiety stopped and went away for 2 solid years. O don't have anxiety anymore. But do have bouts of insomnia which is due to stress. I'm a busy dude with too much on my plate. Lol. The life of a professional filmmaker.
Hi. I just found your description of your pain and I have 100% exactly the same pain: pressure and puckering in anus area and tail bone pain, all the symptoms you described is unbelievably the same. But the thing is that I have this for about 5 months now. Did you find out what it was and what did you do to get rid of it? Did the pain come back? I would appreciate for an answer. Thanks so much. Ingrid.
Are you still having these symptoms? I have exactly the same. I'm seeing a gastroenterologist Friday.
Desij44, I no longer have this issue. I associated this issue with the use of Benzodiazapines, Ativan to be exact. I had to get off the medication because I was going in and out of tolerance withdrawal forever. Withdrawal can cause muscle spasms in places that I never thought I had muscle. lol. So fortunately it is gone and has never returned. This post is SUPER old, and I'm glad to say that I have been medication free for quite some time! :) I stills suffer from anxiety, but it's only about 3 times a year vs. 30 times a year. Medication made things worse for me. But that was just me. :) If you are concerned just see your Dr.. It's almost 100% of the time just muscle spasm. Take Care! :)
Hello buddy Im a 23 year old male who's having the same problem you described, I know it's been three years now but I'm glad that you said you got rid of it! I'd like to ask you how long did it last? I mean I have the same thing pressure and feels like there is a marble or a small ball there and I want to know how did you get rid of it? Thank you.
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