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Any meds that don't make you Sleepy
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Any meds that don't make you Sleepy

Does anyone know of any axiety meds that do not make you sleepy????
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Hello there,

You could try Buspirone (Buspar) it is a psychoactive drug in the family of the piperazine and azapirone chemical classes. It is used primarily as an anxiolytic ( anti-anxiety ). Since this medication have no sedative, hypnotic, muscle relaxer effect it causes no drowsiness and doesn't make you sleepy. But studies are underway about the efficiency of this drug.

But there are also some herbal medications you could try and some other tricks let me tell you about them

Along with physical activity and healthy diet you can try the herb passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) is have shown possitive result.

Valerian extract is one herb shown to relieve anxiety in numerous scientific studies. When taken in doses of 50-500 mg, Valerian extract can help you feel more relaxed and less worried. It usually works quickly after about 30 minutes, and unlike anti-anxiety drugs, Valerian is not addictive. High-quality natural anxiety medications contain Valerian extract that's standardized to contain at least 0.8% of valerenic acid, the active constituent.

L-theanine, an amino acid extracted from Green Tea, is a third natural anxiety medication with a pronounced anti-anxiety effect. In fact, many people report that L-theanine works as well as anti-anxiety drugs when taken in doses of 100-300mg. Some products marketed as "L-theanine" actually contain very little pure L-theanine, and thus aren't effective. For this reason, you should make sure to use a natural anxiety medication with SunTheanine®, a 99% pure form of L-theanine.

The best natural anxiety medications are those containing proven ingredients in the proper doses and potencies. For effective anxiety relief, i recommend Seredyn, a supplement that combines the proven doses of Valerian extract, Passion Flower extract, and SunTheanine.

Physical activity is also recommended since it will make your body produce a lot of hormones that will regulate you body and mind. Combine that with a healthy diet and i would not be surprised to see major improvement. Get a subsription to a gym and and try to follow a daily or at 3 times a week schedule. Combined with a healthy diet you will see more benefits. Physical activity and healthy diet is actually my number one advice.

You can also try luminotherapy. Luminotherapy means light therapy and usually involves half-hour sessions in front of a bright lamp (10 000 lux), specially adapted to treat seasonal depression. The principle is simple: light exposure slows down melatonin production, fighting sleepiness and depression. The light reaches the brain through the retina of the eye, as nerve impulses, to alter hormone levels, which in turn reset your body clock and boost your immune system. Some doctors and health farms offer luminotherapy as a treatment, but there are also special lamps on the market for home use.

Talk to your doctor if you have any concern about it and be sure to have no medical condition before engaging intense physical activity. Some tests might be needed to be sure you can engage intense cardiovascular activities.

Hope this will help you
Best regards,
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M4 has given you some great advice and much to think about. I would like to add just one caveat to his advice. While most of us think that because something is "natural" it can't possibly harm us and this is dangerously untrue.
By all means try these natural remedies and I hope they work for you. Natural IS better in my humble opinion.
BUT...............if you are on ANY pharmeceutical, you, and your doctor, must be highly aware that there are numerous "natural" substances which should NEVER be used with prescription medications. Your doctor should have a copy of "Drug-herb-vitamin" interactions and he/she should use it!
It's only been in the fairly recent past that these POSSIBLE dangerous combinations were "discovered," and too many GP's simply are not aware of them.
Tell your pharmacist about everything you are taking BEFORE you get a perscription filled and make it a point to ask about interactions.
Better to be safe than sorry.
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