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Any tips for severe muscle tension?
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Any tips for severe muscle tension?

31 male. Lots on here may know me. ;)

About 9 or 10 days ago, I got 2 really BAD canker sores. (these are usually stress related)
About 7 days ago, my neck started feeling stiff/tension. With this and the canker sores, I was pretty miserable.

Now, my canker sores are healed, but my neck and shoulders, and now today if feels like my lower back is wanted to start hurting/spasming.. whatever you call it.

When I lay down in bed at night, sometimes I feel like I'm wobbly, like on a boat, but it's nothing alarming, it subsides and then I fall asleep, and sleep has been good, amen!

I woke up this morning and felt a lot better in bed, but then felt a weird vibe in my body, hard to explain, just a weird odd mental/body sensation, I know it's anxiety, but I took a deep breath, stretched and that feeling went away.

Part of me says "just go to the Dr. and get a peace of mind about the neck and shoulder pain" but as I think it over, I say to myself "why? he's going to tell you it's just stress/anxiety, and there goes $40.00 down the drain."

I've dealt with anxiety for years, it's getting better, for instance, I'm dealing with this MENTALLY GREAT. However, anxiety is trying to manifest itself PHYSICALLY.

It amazes me how you can NOT feel anxious, yet your body shows physical symptoms. I even feel lightheaded from the tension at times, not all the time. Like walking down a hallway, I might feel a bit wobbly. When laying in bed and closing my eyes I might feel like I'm slightly moving when I'm not. All anxiety.

Does anyone know of any good ways to help ease the tension? No I will not take benzos or anti-anxiety meds.

I've been running every evening for the past 4 weeks. When I run, it seems as if I instantly get a break from the pain. I haven't lifted weights in a couple weeks, I thought about starting again, it might help break the cycle of the tension.

I should be thankful these are my only symptoms, b/c ive had worse, much worse. It's still uncomfortable though.

It doesnt take much for my body to feel extra stressed it seems. The only reason I can attribute this to stress is because of some events from Saturday the 19th. I shot and filmed a wedding that I REALLY didnt want to do, but I wanted the extra cash. I work full time Mon-Fri doing video production for a Tourism Company in town, but I do weddings sometimes on the side for my own side business for extra cash.

Also 3 days after the wedding was my wife and I's 9 year anniversary. Just a lot going on and lots of stress I think from the wedding. My wife thinks subconsciously I'm thinking about editing the wedding video (i haven't completed it yet) and she thinks if I just do it and finish it, I'll feel better. But I dont' think that's necessarily my ordeal, but maybe it is?

Anyways, thought I'd just vent a moment. Thanks for listening! :)
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I found this on an anxiety site that lists symptoms.

Body aches from anxiety:
Body aches and pains. Soreness and tenderness anywhere on the body.

Muscle aches and pains. Muscle tension. Stiff and painful muscles.

Joint pain, pain in the “bones,” and joint tenderness.

Aches, pains, soreness, and tenderness can affect one, two, or many parts of the body. It also may feel like your entire body is painful or tender to the touch. The pain can vary from slight to intense. You also may have one spot that is only slightly tender and others that are extremely painful.

These types of symptoms can come and go sporadically, or persist indefinitely. It’s also common to have pains that persist then disappear, only for another part of the body to become painful. All are common.

Some people can become immobilized due to intense episodes of pain.

Again, the pain can come from anywhere on the body.
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Hi, buddy!  I think our posts crossed in the night ;0)

It seems like you're focusing a lot on the anxiety right now from the posts you've offered - I so understand that.  It's easy for anxiety sufferers to distract ourselves and let go of it, even if we don't feel anxious or panicky.  Our brains are hyper wired to focus on any twinge that isn't "normal".  Like I mentioned in a past post, it sounds like you're on the right track to manage the anxiety - good job!

If your muscle tension is of the knotted, no relief variety, here's a some of my thoughts.  Try a professional massage from a massage therapist.  Try an epsom salt/baking soda bath.  Try heating pads or those sticky patches.  Deep Blue Rub from doTerra is great.  Or, something a little different - when I went to my orthopedic for back/neck pain (herniated discs), she said my shoulder muscles were so knotted, it was contributed to my joint/bone pain.  She did a technique called needling - she took a hypodermic and gently inserted it in various places in my shoulder muscles.  There was some discomfort when she did it, but it effectively 'broke up' the knot - I felt worlds better afterwards!

You sound super busy - are you getting enough rest?  That's important.  Can you take a day off just to rest and relax?  Sometimes you just gotta do that.

Hang in there - you got this!  Hope you get to feeling better!
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Thanks again for writing! :)

What's funny is my wife and I had a couples massage on Saturday, just 5 days ago, didnt help unfortunately. lol.

I am resting enough. I'm sleeping good, amen! I could take a day off, but actually work is fine, I edit video most of the day, and get out and go shoot as well, so it helps ease my mind.

Can the body REALLY have physical anxiety symptoms like this without feeling especially anxious? Usually when I'm anxious, I have specific symptoms, nervous stomach, fast heart rate, can't relax etc.

But then again, a few months ago, I thought I was feeling great and all of a sudden I got tingling sensation in my scalp out of nowhere, then I was tingly all over my body. That was anxiety as well and it passed. And I didnt feel stressed out before. So I guess it can just manifest itself like that.

My heart rate is low, my blood pressure is good, I am sleeping good, I feel pretty calm for the most part ... but obviously my muscles, tendons etc. are telling me different. lol. When I roll my neck I can hear popping, crackling, weird noises from the tension. If I roll my shoulders, they pop and grind etc.

I know deep down THIS TOO SHALL PASS. But it's wearing on me.
I know deep down also THIS IS NOTHING SERIOUS. It's JUST muscle related. That's it! Nothing more!

I've had this in the past (about 5 years ago) and it took about 17 days for it to go away. Hopefully it won't be that long this run. lol.
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