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Chest soreness
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Chest soreness

I recently have been having what doctors said was panic attack...heart treadmill stress tests 2 months ago said to be OK... now, I am experiencing periodic soreness in my pectoral muscles...just like soreness ther day after a good chest workout...but no workouts in several weeks. Soreness is 'strong' for a while and then deminishes, but still lasts a long time...days now! It starts to make me worry about heart issues again...usually at rest. no pain in center of chest, however when I lay on my back some disconfort, fullness in center of chest. Stress is deficitely a part of my life and I hope it is just stress related, but concerned. Feeling of nerviousness associated chest discomfort.
Any suggested caused or recommendations?
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I have the exact same physical complaints. Chest discomfort. I have had all the tests for heart and stomach with negative results.  I have been so anxious with these complaints that I actually have become light headed.  
I have a scheduled MD appt today to discuss these feelings with him. The physicians are at a loss for a specific diagnosis and the determination is the symptoms are coming from anxiety.
I continue to talk with a professional, I refuse to be on any medications.  Somehow, we need to desensitize ourselves with the physical complaints.  
I always think that if it were heart related or something was actually physically wrong, the pain would "never" go away.  If you keep busy and you will realized that the symptoms disappear, and feel confident that the physicians have ruled out anything heart related.
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