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Clonidine/Neurontin for Benzo Withdrawals. Help!!
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Clonidine/Neurontin for Benzo Withdrawals. Help!!

Hello everyone. Love this site and have been a long time lurker.

In a nut shell I with Detoxed off of 5-6 years use of Klonopin. About 4mg to 8mg's of K, give or take. Was horrible after the detox as they did it in about 5 days. Then went to rehab and was given Valium for about a week and was back to normal. After the Valium taper I was a basket case. Horrible anxiety, twitching, CNS stimulation overload etc.

Well it has been about 6 months. Have not take one benzo or drank any alcohol. Things were ok and manageable. Some days better then other.

Then I started a new job after being out of work for over a year. About a week and half into the new job, I had a MAJOR flare up. Horrible twitching, tweaking, body felt like on fire, dizzy etc.

Went to the ER and they put me in a Psych ward for about a week! I think they thought I was on drugs again because I was twitching so much. Well the tested me right away and saw I had ZERO in my system. They had a Neurologist check me out and I was diagnosed with having a "Mild Tick". Dunno if I believe it, but it is what it is. None of the blood work came back with any conclusions. I personally think it is PAWS from the Klonopin and the new stress of a job and long hours sent my body into shock. ( I did stutter somewhat as a child and always had a slight eye twitch. They think the Klonopin masked it for years and now that the neurons are firing a full blast it came back with a vengeance. Who knows0

So they gave me a.1mg Patch of Clonodine and  900mg of Neurontin/day.  I started them both about 2 nights ago. Does anyone know how long it may take for both of these medications work? I was ok today for the most part. Then went out with some friends to a coffee house and was near a full blown panic again! Ugh...twitching tweaking, could not look anyone in the eye with out feeling like I was going to pass out etc.

I really hope this starts working. I dunno if I have this "Mild Tick" or is it Benzo withdrawal?? They all agree it has been 6 months and I should not be withdrawing from Klonopin....but all the stuff I read on the medical sites all say the same basic thing........I tapered waaaaay too fast for the time I as on Klonopin and it would take much longer to stop all withdrawal symptoms as well.

Any advice!?!

Thank you all for your help in advance!

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