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Feeling like i'm going to faint by falling backwards a symptom of ...
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Feeling like i'm going to faint by falling backwards a symptom of Anxiety?

Today my Anxiety hasn't been as bad, i have been on edge as always though and had a few things on my mind on and off all day, but nothing too specific, i feel nervous all the time though.
Earlier on tonight i got up and leaned against a door frame to talk to my mum as i was walking out the room and all of a sudden i just start falling backwards for a few seconds but my body instantly responded and put me back on balance, then i sat back down and my heart was racing and i went all hot and sweaty and dizzy, and i had to calm myself down so it didn't get worse, it happened twice in a space of 5 mins, the second was as i got up again and stood.
I'm all freaked out now =| All anxious and everything.
I had my first mild-ish anxiety attack a few days ago, which has made me feel very on edge and even worse, i'm scared incase i have another one.
And today i thought i was doing okay, well obviously not =/
I had an ECG about 2 weeks ago and as far as i know i'm fine.
Has anyone had this sensation thing before?
I do generally feel off balance/dizzy/lightheaded most of the time due to severe anxiety.
I think i need to go on anxiety symptom medication, i'm going back to see my doctor hopefully this week.
I'm scared now :(
I'm also slightly anaemic (my iron levels are just below normal) so i dunno if thats affecting it, i was severely anaemic and my doctor said my iron levels will now probs always be under the normal level.
Arghhhh, someone help me out :(
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Anxiety can cause many symptoms; many of which you describe.  Have you been to see your general practitioner doctor about this?  I see you have been to the ER, but you also stated you were anemic.  Have you had any problems like this in the past?  Sorry to ask so many questions; just trying to figure out the whole story:)....keep us posted!
Yeahhh i went to see my doctor today and she said it's all anxiety related and has given me medication to take, if that doesn't work or i feel worse i have to go back and see her.
She did mention checking my blood again but she wanted to try the medication first cos anxiety seems more like the cause.
Urmmm nope, only since my anxiety came this year, it's gotton so bad now, it's hard to treat i know that.
I've just gotta calm down, but my body reacts to any level of anxiety i get like today i saw a boy that i don't like in town and i started to feel dizzy cos i was worried, my body has become sensitive to even the littlist things, so medication is the best option for now apparently.
But i've also gotta self help =/
I know what you mean; becoming overly sensitized to our bodies is a common 'symptom' of health anxiety in my opinion.  Self help is good, but so is talk therapy.  It will enable you to learn and gain knowledge about it; and you know what they say...knowledge is power.  
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