Flickering/Flashing Vision.
by monkeybishop123, Nov 03, 2008
Hey there, Just wondering whether this is an anxiety symptom?
For quite a while now ive had this problem where i see lights flicker. Its usually the tv ar computer screen that does it. When i look straight at it then its completely normal but when i look away i can see the tv lickering and flashing in my prerepheral vision. Could this be something to do with anxiety?
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by XstrawberryX, Nov 03, 2008
Hello there!

Although anxiety can manifest itself in many ways, I have never personally heard of seeing lights flicker as a result of anxiety. This does not mean it is not a possibility -I will check with my therapist tomorrow, who specializes in anxiety, and will get back to you.
Just to be on the safe side I'd visit my PCP and see what they say, because this symptom could also be related to other problems, too. I am not saying this to alarm you, but rather as an extra precautionary measure.

I wish you all the best!
by azmattaz06, Nov 03, 2008
i for one did have this problem for a long time and i let it get ot me and freak my out but over time it went away.. u might wanna get looked at just incase but what youre talking about sounds like what i once had..
by yatta07, Nov 03, 2008
Hey! It's your Anxiety twin again! :)
Flickering/Flashing Vision, most def...this is an everyday symptom of mine and although it's not the most annoying for me, it scares me just as much. I can be watching tv or typing on the computer like so and as I turn away my vision becomes slightly blurred and I have to constantly blink to free myself from weird tv reflection images. I wear glasses and in the beginning I blamed  my bad vision and thought it was just getting worst, however that was not the case at all according to my Dr., Anxiety was the culprit once again! I'm still hoping one day I'll wake up from this nightmare.
by neonsign, Aug 14, 2010
One evening lying in bed watching TV I suddenly got colourful lights flickering in the corner of my left eye, then it started growing occupying most of my left eye and spreading into both eyes taking over everything in front of me. This is when I called 911 and after talking to them it subsided, yet they came out to see me anyway. I have no idea what it was. Some day i got slightly something like this again, but i concentrated, showing no fear and it went away.
by anonymous9264, Aug 14, 2010
First of all TV and Computer screens flicker. They do it faster than our brains can process so nobody ever notices, but when you look away or turn off the screen you will notice the flickering. It's like if you stare at a light and then look away the light is "burned into your eyes." The same thing happens with tv and computer screens.

Also to neonsign:
That sounds almost EXACTLY like what happened to me and it turned out to be an ocular migraine. It started as a strobing lights show in the corner of my vision then took over my entire field of vision with zig zagging colored flashing lights. After about twenty or thirty minutes it went away but I still had a panic attack afterwards.
I thought I was schizophrenic or something when that happened to me. You might want to look up ocular migraines it's really interesting actually.
by jimgreg, Aug 15, 2010
anxtys will cause alot of things..i see white lights once and awile out of the corner of my checked by neurologist was fine...if this keeps happing you may need a MRI on ur brain..anxtys usually wont make this happen..